When an automobile accident happens, the negative effects can go well beyond a ruined vehicle. If you’ve been injured, your life may have been turned upside down. Things like a hospital stay, pain and time off from work—the costs begin racking up. Financial obligations associated with the accident can make complete recovery an expensive and lengthy process. That’s why it’s important to get help. What options does a New Orleans auto accident victim have and what are the financial risks? It’s important to spring into action and find out what can be done to get compensation to cover your short and long term expenses. 

The Financial Risks of Getting into an Auto Accident in New Orleans

When you get into an auto accident in New Orleans, the problems and costs can mount up. Not only are you now without a means of transportation, but you may also have to spend time recovering in a hospital and missing work. All of this comes at a price. 

The major financial risks of an automobile accident in New Orleans include:

Vehicle Repair or Replacement

If the other driver is at fault in an accident, it should be up to their insurance company to repair or replace the vehicle. Unfortunately, insurance companies are notorious for dragging out, and sometimes flat out refusing, to adequately cover claims. On top of that, the other driver may not even have insurance.

Having to depend on one’s own insurance company to pay the claim can ultimately result in higher premiums. This additional risk is on top of what it costs to repair the car or to replace it in the event of a total loss.

Medical Bills

Broken bones, bruising, lacerations, back pain, neck pain, and whiplash are some of the more common injuries associated with a car accident. The brain and other internal organs can also suffer serious trauma and injury.

Bills for hospitalization, medications, follow-up appointments, and therapy can be overwhelming.       

Lost Wages

Even if the accident doesn’t result in hospitalization, time off work may be necessary. The lack of a paycheck to cover normal expenses is now compounded by accident-related costs.

Recovering financially post accident can be impossible, leading to missed payments, mounting debt, and sometimes even bankruptcy.

Pain and Suffering

An automobile accident does not only cause physical pain, it leads to emotional suffering. Injuries can interfere with normal living and the ability to work and earn a living. Mental anguish and emotional trauma accompany limits on physical health and abilities following an accident. The worry that family members feel when they fear the extent of a victim’s injuries or long-term implications also factors in.

While pain and suffering are considered non-economic damages, they still represent loss.  

What Do I Do if I’m in an Auto Accident in New Orleans?

The most important thing to remember is never leave the scene of a car accident. If you drive away from the scene, you have no proof of what happened, and you may never see the negligent driver again. All damages would then be the responsibility of you and your insurance company.

What to do Immediately After the Accident:

  1. Call 911. First responders will create accident and medical reports to document the chain of events, damage, and injuries. This equals valuable written evidence for the claim.  
  2. Check for injuries. If the drivers or any passengers are in need of emergency medical attention, they should not be moved. Wait for emergency medical personnel to arrive. 
  3. Move the involved vehicle out of traffic. When an accident happens, it is important to mitigate danger to other drivers. If there are no life-threatening injuries and the car can be driven, turn on the hazard lights and move it to the shoulder or an adjacent parking area.
  4. Exchange information. Get and give pertinent information such as names, driver’s license numbers, license plate numbers, and insurance information for all drivers involved in the crash. 
  5. Take photographs. Be sure to take pictures of all damage and injuries as evidence for the insurance company.
  6. Notify the insurance company. Policyholders must notify their insurance carriers within a certain window of time following an accident to file a claim. 
  7. Call an auto accident lawyer. A lawyer who specializes in car crashes can assist in overcoming obstacles to getting adequate compensation.

What does a Car Accident Lawyer Do?

A car accident lawyer works to get adequate compensation for clients after they experience an automobile accident. They are New Orleans injury lawyers who specialize in the laws surrounding the rights of accident victims.

An automobile accident lawyer will:

  • Help the individual understand their rights.
  • Offer expert legal advice.
  • Negotiate for a fair settlement.
  • Represent you in court.
  • Thoroughly investigate the case.
  • Assess damage to the full extent.
  • Consult with medical professionals on your behalf.

In the case of negligence, an auto accident attorney investigates the crash to build a strong case if there is a standing to sue.  

Do I Need to Hire an Attorney if I was in a Minor Accident?

It is difficult to immediately assess the extent of damage caused by a car accident. Even fender benders can result in the need for significant repairs. Likewise, the full effects of minor injuries might not crop up until weeks after the event.

When a car wreck happens through negligence, the responsible party should pay for the consequences. If you don’t hire an auto accident attorney, you may not receive the compensation you deserve. 

How Dudley DeBosier Can Help

The financial obligations following a car accident are as equally unwelcome as the incident itself. Medical bills, lost wages, and the repair or replacement of the vehicle are exacerbated by pain and suffering.

No one has to handle this alone. An experienced New Orleans car accident lawyer can get compensation to cover these expenses so that clients can get on with their lives.The professionals at Dudley DeBosier understand what you are going through and are here to help. 

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