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You may have heard about our special seasoning…and now, you can have some of your own! Read more to find out how you can get your very own Dudley DeBosier Special Seasoning.

The Story of Dudley DeBosier Special Seasoning

One day, our very own Steve DeBosier went hunting near a little place called Pecan Island, Louisiana. After his hunt, he was cooking something good, sha’. But it needed a little something more, something special to spice things up—a special seasoning from Cajun country.

Not just any seasoning could capture that unique Cajun flavor, so Steve enlisted the help of a local seasoning company to create the first ever Dudley DeBosier Special Seasoning! He knew he couldn’t keep something that delicious all to himself, sha’. It just wouldn’t be right. That’s why we want to share it with you!

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