Official Injury Lawyers of the Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns®

Lafayette isn’t just home to one of our favorite teams, it’s our home, too! Whenever the Ragin’ Cajuns® snag another win, we’re right there to celebrate with them. And when the streets flood with red and white jerseys on game day, you can bet we’re wearing ours, too!

Everything that makes UL succeed on the field is also what makes us succeed in the courtroom: passion, dedication, strong teamwork, a rock-solid game plan, and keeping our eyes on the prize. And just like UL athletes, we’re in it for more than our own glory.

For the Ragin’ Cajuns®, each win isn’t just a win for the team, it’s a win for Lafayette. For Dudley DeBosier, every case we win isn’t just a win for the firm, it’s a win for an injured member of our community. We don’t settle for field goals, either. We want everything we do for our clients to be a touchdown.

The Ragin’ Cajuns® are an important part of Louisiana culture. As an organization, they share our core values, our commitment to the community and our desire for excellence. For us, this partnership is a perfect match, and we are honored to be partnered with such a great institution.

When you are injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, get a firm that will fight for you with the ferocity of your favorite team. Call us today, Demand Dudley DeBosier!

You Pay Us Nothing Unless We Win.

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