With a New Year comes new resolutions for many people who are trying to better themselves while achieving a certain goal. Health and fitness resolutions are among the most popular for people. However, they are often the hardest to achieve.

Life is constantly changing and moving forward, whether we are ready for the next step or not. We are faced with many obstacles, tasks, and priorities that need to be taken care of. Our personal time may not always be available as we would like it to be. We all know that sticking to a diet and a regular gym schedule isn’t the most convenient task, especially when time doesn’t permit it. So here are a few tips to help you stay on track with that healthy lifestyle and accommodate your busy schedule:

Less Can Be More

A short 15 minute workout can be just as beneficial as an hour long workout. For example, four minutes of kettlebell/dumbbell exercises, four minutes of different abs workouts, five minutes of lunges and squats, and two minutes of cooldown cardio or stretching can achieve the same results of a longer workout and is easier to fit into a busy schedule.


Yes, less can be more, but more can also be done in less time. Supersets (two exercises performed in a row) allow you to cut that hour long workout in half, while still completing every exercise. After finishing one muscle workout, switch to an exercise that relieves the muscle you just trained and move to the opposite muscle. For example, once you’ve worked out your quad muscles, work out your hamstrings.

Learn Quick Recipes (Meal Prep)

After a long hard day at work, the last thing you want to do is stand over a hot stove for hours to prepare a meal. Become familiar with healthy recipes and do your best to prepare them ahead of time for the week. This will help avoid those fast food cravings on your way home from work. There are many great sources online to help you find the best meal prep recipes.

Live an Active Lifestyle

If there was just no time for you to exercise like you wanted to during the week, simply incorporate some type of  fun exercise into your extracurricular activities. For example, instead of meeting up with a friend for coffee one afternoon, meet at a pool and go for a swim.

Business Spotlight

If you’re in the Baton Rouge area and looking for something delicious, yet nutritious, check out Fresh Kitchen. They are located on Corporate Blvd and their newly opened location is on Perkins Road at Willow Grove. Fresh Kitchen specializes in clean ingredients, healthy cooking methods and portion controlled servings. This is a great option for the Baton Rouge professional looking for a quick, healthy meal.

Just Relax

Staying healthy isn’t only comprised of eating the right foods and exercising, but also contains the important factor of relaxation. It is imperative that you take some much-deserved time off to relax and free your mind of everything that has been running through it. Whether it be meditation, reading a book, or a hot bath, relaxing will help you be healthier, happier, and more productive. So stay focused on your set goals and remember, “But I just don’t have time,” is never an excuse!

Do you have a solid diet and fitness plan, but not sure how to map it out? Check out our blog on making resolutions and sticking to them.

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