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Are You Buying The Right Car Seat?

by Gabrielle Peltier | May 10, 2016

Car accidents are the leading cause of death of children under the age of twelve. Studies show that over half a million children under the age of twelve ride in cars without being properly secured in an age-appropriate car seat. When properly using car seats, the risk of death is reduced by 71% and booster seats for children who fall in the corr...

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Are You Automatically At Fault if You Rear-End Someone?

by Gabrielle Peltier | February 18, 2016

Rear-end collisions are one of the most common types of auto accidents. And while you may have heard the following car - the car who rear-ended the leading car - is always at fault, that is not always the case. This misconception is rooted in the idea of negligence. When analyzing where the fault lies in an accident, one should consider &...

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Will your case go to trial?

by Matt Terrell | October 26, 2015

by Attorney - Matt Terrell Whether due to anxiety about having to testify in front of a judge or a jury or because of concerns about how long it may take to resolve a case, people always want to know early on whether their case will go to trial.  The short answer is probably not. Recent statistics show that about 95% of civil c...

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6 Types of Auto Insurance You May Not Know About

by Chris Keyser | October 9, 2015

by Attorney - Chris Keyser We’ve all heard the term “full coverage” right? But what does having full coverage really mean? Full coverage is a somewhat illusory term that in most applications actually only means that you have liability coverage as required by Louisiana state law. Liability coverage means liabilit...

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