Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy:

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Difference Maker Huddle:


Join Dudley DeBosier the second Tuesday of every month for our Difference Maker webinar series. These webinars are conveniently held from 12-1pm so you can grab lunch and join us from your desk! Each month we’ll cover topics designed to help you move your organization forward. See dates, topics, and RSVP links listed below.
04/09/2024 10 Tips for Setting Up Your Social Media Accounts for Success VIEW
05/14/2024 Empowering Nonprofits: Top Free Resources for Success RSVP
06/11/2024 Grants: How & Where to Find Them RSVP
07/09/2024 Finding the Right Partners & Donors for Nonprofit Organizations RSVP
08/13/2024 Strategic Fundraising Approaches for Nonprofits RSVP
09/10/2024 Networking Strategies for Nonprofit Success RSVP
10/08/2024 Community Engagement & Collaboration for Nonprofits RSVP
11/12/2024 Navigating Nonprofit Tax Prep: A Comprehensive Guide RSVP
12/10/2024 Building & Managing a New Nonprofit RSVP

What is Leadership Academy?

This FREE bi-annual training conference is open to anyone who works with a nonprofit, from Executive Directors to volunteers.  When you attend Leadership Academy, you’ll network with likeminded Difference Makers and discover ways you can work together to achieve your mission. You’ll also learn how to boost your organization’s community outreach and increase the efficiency of your operations to reach your goals more effectively. At Dudley DeBosier, we feel strongly about giving back to our community. As your organization and it’s leaders are at the forefront of that mission, we consider our relationship with you to be extremely important!  

How did Leadership Academy start?

Although we've been coaching nonprofits since 2015, we held our first Leadership Academy with 10 nonprofit organizations in 2018. Our vision was to offer free advice and training for nonprofit leaders, employees, board members and volunteers. Since then, Dudley DeBosier’s Leadership Academy has grown tremendously, bringing together hundreds of organizations and community members year after year to serve one collective purpose: making our community a better place.  

What can you expect from Leadership Academy? Hear it from your fellow Difference Makers!

“I have been in ministry and directing NPOs for nearly 44 years. This is one of the best trainings I have been exposed to.”
The Kingdom Group, Inc. | Elmo Winters
"I took a USA Grant Writing Class last year, and this was more in-depth than that was. Thank you!"
Louisiana Warriors Unleased (LWU) | Jesse Walls
"I’m truly thankful for these events. I always leave with great knowledge and connections I otherwise would not have.”
UpLIFTD | Katie LeBlanc
“The information y’all provide, and the energy in the room, was so wonderful! I walked away with so many great ideas! We are all in this together, and it’s so wonderful to have a for-profit business that fully supports and understands the need for the nonprofit sector.”
McMains Children’s Developmental Center | Linda Spalatin
"The conference was excellent! We will make every effort to attend [in the future].”
Meaningful Minds of Louisiana, Inc | Jennifer Randal-Thorpe
  Questions? Email DifferenceMakers@dudleydebosier.com.