While all injuries have the potential to cause victims to suffer serious pain and disability, the impact that different types of injuries can have on victims’ lives can vary significantly.

At Dudley DeBosier, we know that some injuries often result in more medical bills, more time away from work, and more profound pain and suffering than others. These types of injuries are often called catastrophic injuries, and it’s our goal to help victims of these injuries get the money they need to aid in their challenging physical, mental, and emotional recoveries.

If you or someone you love suffered a catastrophic injury because of someone else’s negligence, we want to help. Contact us anytime for a free case review and to learn your options for getting full and fair compensation. We have the experience and dedication you need during this difficult time, and we’re ready to put them to work for you.

Understanding Catastrophic Injuries

It’s important for catastrophic injury victims to know the difference between the injuries they suffered and less severe injuries that can also lead to compensation claims.

What Are Catastrophic Injuries?

Catastrophic injuries are severe injuries that have long-term effects on the victim. These injuries often result in permanent disability and/or disfigurement, significant suffering, and a reduced quality of life.

Common Types of Catastrophic Injuries

Some of the most common catastrophic injuries include spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), severe burns, amputations, and other injuries that cause long-term or permanent impairment such as paralysis, blindness, extreme disfigurement, organ damage, and more.

Causes of Catastrophic Injuries

Catastrophic injuries can occur due to various reasons, including vehicle accidents, workplace incidents, medical malpractice, or violent acts. No matter the type of accident in which your catastrophic injury occurred, we want to hear from you if it was caused by another person’s or party’s negligence.

Because of the major impact a catastrophic injury can have on your life, it’s important to not only hire a lawyer to help you get compensation, but to hire the right lawyer to represent you and your family during the difficult recovery period.

Importance of Hiring a Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Having experienced, caring, and dedicated legal representation on your side is crucial due to the complex nature of catastrophic injuries and the long-term impact one can have on your life. Going it alone means potentially missing out on the full compensation you will need to recover, and added stress when your health should be your top priority.

How to Choose the Right Lawyer for Your Case

When choosing a lawyer to build your catastrophic injury case, it’s important to look for one with many years of experience, deep knowledge about catastrophic injury cases, and a track record of successful outcomes.

Benefits of Working with Experienced Lawyers

Experienced lawyers bring a deep understanding of the law, can more accurately determine the value of your claim, and negotiate effectively with insurance companies on your behalf. They will always push to get you fair compensation and never pressure you to accept a settlement that’s less than what you deserve.

Going through the legal process after an injury can be difficult, especially when you’re in pain and trying to focus on your recovery.

It can be even more difficult after a catastrophic injury, which is why it’s so important to have a trusted lawyer on your side. At Dudley DeBosier, our lawyers know the legal process inside and out, which not only helps our clients get paid more money, but it also helps them get paid faster, too.

Steps Involved in Filing a Catastrophic Injury Lawsuit

The legal process of a catastrophic injury case includes:

  1. Filing a claim
  2. Gathering evidence
  3. Proving negligence
  4. If necessary, taking the case to trial

While we build our clients’ cases, we keep them up to date on what we’re doing so they’re never left in the dark and wondering about the progress we’re making.

Louisiana has one of the shortest statutes of limitations for personal injury cases in the nation at just one year from the date of the injury. Our attorneys take action right away when we build cases to ensure our clients’ cases are filed on time and well within the state’s statute of limitations, so otherwise valid claims can’t be dismissed on a technicality.  

Proving Liability and Negligence in Catastrophic Injury Cases

Success in catastrophic injury claims relies on demonstrating the other party’s liability and negligence, and this requires a thorough investigation and legal prowess. Our legal team has a long track record of success building winning claims for victims of catastrophic injuries, and we know what it takes to win.

Maximizing Compensation for Catastrophic Injuries

The financial impact of catastrophic injuries is often devastating for victims. At Dudley DeBosier, we strive to get our clients every penny they’re owed for all the ways their catastrophic injuries have forever changed them, their families, and their lives.

Understanding the Types of Damages Available

Victims of catastrophic injuries may be entitled to compensation for:

  • Current and future medical bills, including surgeries, prolonged stays in the hospital, physical rehabilitation, and more
  • Current and future lost wages, as many catastrophic injury victims are unable to work for years after their injuries or even for the rest of their lives
  • Pain and suffering, which is often profound in catastrophic injury victims
  • Punitive damages in some cases that go to trial and where the at-fault party was exceptionally negligent or reckless

Factors Influencing Compensation in Catastrophic Injury Cases

The amount of compensation available for your catastrophic injury claim depends on the severity of your injury, its impact on your quality of life, and your future needs. At Dudley DeBosier, our legal team works hard to calculate in full both the current and future expenses our clients face after devastating injuries.

Negotiating Fair Settlements and Going to Trial

An experienced attorney can skillfully negotiate a fair settlement or represent you in court to maximize your compensation. Unlike some lawyers who pressure their clients to accept the first settlement offers they receive, we never accept less money than our clients deserve. It’s our goal to ensure they get the money they need to recover not only physically but also emotionally, and as fully as possible. 

Support and Resources for Catastrophic Injury Victims

No one should ever have to deal with the aftermath of a catastrophic injury alone. The consequences of these injuries are devastating and life-changing, and we work hard to support recovering victims in every way we can while we work hard on building their claims.

Accessing Medical Treatment and Rehabilitation Services

Our firm can help connect you with necessary medical and rehabilitation services. When we build claims for catastrophic injury victims, we are invested in them, their families, their stories, and their recoveries. We know that recovery goes far beyond simply helping victims get checks from insurance companies or at-fault parties. It means helping them feel like what was taken from them was restored, and being able to breath easy again.

Emotional and Financial Support for Victims and Families

We understand the emotional and financial burden of catastrophic injuries and provide support throughout the legal process. Whether it’s being available to answer your questions and address your concerns, connecting clients with others who experienced similar injuries, and making a plan for how you can use your settlement money to best effect, we’re invested in seeing you thrive after your injury.  

Community Resources and Organizations

Louisiana has many wonderful resources and organizations that are designed to help injured victims acclimate to their new lives and cope with their new disabilities. We work hard to connect our clients with these support centers so they can get the encouragement, advice, and hands-on help they need.

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