Nicole Broussard

Nicole Broussard

Chief Operating Officer

Nicole was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in European History and French, as well as her real estate license from Louisiana Real Estate Commission. Before joining the Dudley DeBosier family in 2019, Nicole gained a variety of professional experience in the music industry, hospitality sales, non-profit operations and development, real estate, and more! In her professional career, she has received multiple awards, including the Manager of the Year at the Union State Hotel and the Diamond Award for Sales at the Home Builders Association of Middle Tennessee.

Nicole is motivated by her innate and relentless desire to clean, improve, align, and iterate herself and everything she touches! She feels that the operations field chose her – her mind constantly asks questions, finds issues, seeks to understand them from all angles, and create appropriate solutions. Her favorite part of her job is finding opportunities to make things better and then doing just that. Aside from her time in the office, Nicole enjoys raising her two daughters, doing furniture restoration, and navigating Salesforce!

Her favorite quote is “Be truthful, gentle, and fearless,” by Ghandi.

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