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Burn injuries are painful, disfiguring, and disabling. At Dudley DeBosier, we believe that victims of those debilitating injuries deserve maximum compensation for what they’ve gone through.

If you or someone you love suffered a burn injury, you may need extensive medical treatments, including surgeries for both medical and cosmetic reasons. The costs you’re facing may be enormous, especially if your injuries make it difficult or impossible for you to return to work.

Our Louisiana burn injury attorneys have helped many victims like you. We know that burn injuries are often caused by negligence, and we can collect evidence that proves the other party’s liability.

3 Parties That Are Often Liable for Burn Injuries

Although there are many potential causes of burn injuries, there are three parties that are often involved in those types of injuries due to their negligence or oversights:

  1. Employers—Workers who are around flammable liquids or materials are susceptible to burn injuries when their employers fail to provide adequate protection, training, or safe environments for them.
  2. Drivers—It’s easy to forget that vehicles produce significant amounts of heat—not to mention the many gallons of gasoline they carry. When negligent drivers cause crashes, victims may suffer severe burn injuries due to engine or vehicle fires.
  3. Property owners and managers—Residential and commercial buildings should be free from fire hazards and should be equipped with adequate safety measures, including unobstructed hallways, fire escapes, and fire exits. When they fail to do so, serious injuries can occur.

After a burn injury in Louisiana, you deserve a team of experienced attorneys fighting for you. The legal team at Dudley DeBosier is ready to investigate your injury and to hold the responsible parties accountable for the harm they caused you. If you or someone you love needs help after a burn injury, contact us now to get started. There’s no cost or obligation, and your initial case review is free.

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