Most people who receive Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits are adults who suffered injuries or illnesses that prevent them from working like they used to. But SSD benefits are also available to children who suffer from disabilities, especially if they come from families with little to no income or resources.

Children must meet the following requirements to receive SSD benefits:

  • Physical or mental limitations—Children who have limitations that prevent them from participating in daily activities that are normal for other children may be approved for SSD benefits.
  • Long-lasting or lifelong conditions—SSD benefits are only awarded to children whose conditions have lasted, or are expected to last, at least one year or until their deaths.
  • Younger than 18 years old—All children who meet the above criteria and are under the age of 18 may be eligible to receive SSD benefits. Children older than 18 can apply for Disabled Adult Child Benefits if their disabilities began before they turned 22 years old, they’re not married, or if one of their deceased parents received SSD benefits before their deaths.

Additionally, academic records must be reviewed and questionnaires must be completed to determine the child’s levels of functioning and the limitations they face.

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