After an accident or injury, there’s a common question your friends and family may ask you: “Are you hiring a lawyer?”

At this point, several thoughts may be going through your head:

  • Is my injury severe enough to require a lawyer?
  • What will people think if I hire a lawyer?
  • Can’t I just deal directly with the insurance company?
  • Am I really the suing type?

At Dudley DeBosier, we understand why you may be asking these questions, and we want to set the record straight: It’s your right to protect your rights after an injury.

The civil court system, where injury law cases are filed, is entirely separate from the criminal court system. It was created, in part, to help victims harmed due to someone else’s negligence get fair compensation from the person, company, or entity responsible for their injuries.

So, why do people question their right to pursue fair compensation?

Insurance Companies Tell One Side of the Story

Well-funded insurance companies, big businesses, and corporate lobbyists have been working to unravel injury victims’ rights for decades. Their goal, often referred to as tort reform, is to restrict victims’ abilities to file an injury claim for fair compensation. They’ve used a number of tactics to help get their way, but one has been particularly effective—painting injury victims who hire a lawyer as people trying to game the system.

Not only is this idea misleading, it’s led to many injury victims putting their full trust in insurance companies to conduct a thorough, fair, and open investigation based on facts and evidence. However, insurance companies are for-profit corporations, and to keep profits high, they often reduce the value of claims—or deny them altogether—regardless of what the evidence proves.

By scaring everyday people away from hiring a lawyer, corporations are holding onto money that should be going to injury victims to help cover damages such as medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Ensure Your Voice Gets Heard

Dudley DeBosier offers the No Fee Guarantee®® to all personal injury victims. This means we can provide you with a free initial consultation, we won’t charge you any upfront fees to get started with your claim, and you won’t pay us unless we get money for your claim. Unlike insurance companies, our success depends on yours, and we’re here to make sure your side of the story gets heard. If you or a loved one were injured due to someone else’s negligence, contact our attorneys 24/7 to help protect your rights. We want to help.

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