On May 8th, 2019, Dudley DeBosier teamed up with the New Orleans Saints and Rebuilding Together New Orleans to renovate the Hills’ family home.

Jerry and Doreen Hills are a loving couple who have been married for almost thirty years. Mr. Hills is originally from Uptown, New Orleans but he and his wife found their way to St. Roch in 2004. They love their neighborhood but did share that unfortunately many of their neighbors are in a constant state of flux due to a lack of affordable rentals and increased real estate investment. There are houses along the street that are still empty and abandoned from Hurricane Katrina.

Despite it being hard to get to know people in their community they do have a few close friends on neighboring streets. Both Mr. Jerry and Mrs. Doreen are driven by their families and do their best to surround themselves with their children and grandchildren. In her spare time, Ms. Doreen enjoys selling frozen cups to the neighborhood kids, and they are both TV fanatics!

After suffering multiple heart attacks and battling Diabetes, health complications eventually led to the partial amputation of Mr. Hills leg. He’s tried for the last few years to get assistance but was unable to come up with the funds to install the ramp; making due without, by crawling up and down the stairs to his home.

On #DoRight4LA Day, volunteers installed the ADA wheelchair ramp, cleaned and painted the exterior of the home, and widened doorways among many other repairs. The Hills’ lives have been changed, and Jerry will no longer have to struggle to get out of the house.

It was an amazing experience bringing different parts of the community together to make a difference. We love our community and hope that we’ve encouraged others to love their community as well. Whether big or small, your actions in the community will make a difference, so, remember to #DoRight4LA!

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