Deep frying the turkey has long been a favorite method of cooking Thanksgiving dinner in the South, and recent years have seen this cooking method explode in popularity across the rest of the U.S. – sometimes literally. As deliciously juicy and crispy as fried turkey can be, it has also spawned a large number of fiery cooking accidents. You may have even seen some of these “deep fried turkey fails” on YouTube.

Deep frying a turkey can be incredibly dangerous when the proper safety measures aren’t followed. According to the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA), up to twice as many cooking fires occur on Thanksgiving as on any other day of the year. The most recent data shows an average of 2,400 fires on Thanksgiving annually, with 25 injuries, 5 deaths, and $19 million in property damage.

Accidents Associated with Deep Frying

  • Pot tipping over and spilling hot oil
  • Overfilled pot spilling over and causing a fire
  • Oil coming in contact with the burner and igniting
  • Water coming in contact with the oil, igniting the oil
  • Oil overheating and igniting
  • Pot metal overheating and causing contact burns

If you are interested in testing out this cooking method for the first time this year, follow our recommendations to help avoid fire and burn injuries to yourself and your guests as you set up the fryer. Accidents happen, and we want to help save you the grief and trouble if we can! Click the image below to access our guide.

What to Do if You’re Injured on Thanksgiving

While some accidents are unavoidable, others happen because people, even friends or family members, may cut corners when it comes to safety measures. When this happens, we want to help injury victims get the compensation they need for their medical expenses.

In most cases, the at-fault party’s insurance, not the at-fault party themselves, is responsible for paying out after an accident claim. This means no one should disregard hiring a lawyer as an option for getting compensation after an injury caused by a loved one. Seeking help for paying your medical bills does not have to financially harm your loved ones.

At Dudley DeBosier Injury Lawyers, we’ve helped many Louisianans get the money they need to pay their medical bills and recover lost wages after injuries that weren’t their fault. And with our No Fee Guarantee®, you pay us nothing unless you win. Contact our firm today for a free consultation.

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