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Whether they’re for us or for other law firms, you probably see personal injury commercials on TV, hear them on the radio, and pass the billboards on the highway every day on your way to work.

So why are there so many personal injury lawyers advertising in Louisiana?  The answer is simpler than you think: The need for legal representation after accidents and injuries is that great.

Let’s look at the numbers. In 2019, 71,757 people were injured in car accidents in Louisiana. That’s actually down from 74,960 people in 2018!

Now imagine how many more Louisianans are injured in other types of accidents: motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, pedestrian accidents, boat accidents, accidents at work, accidents at stores, apartments, and other public and private venues, and even injuries caused by dangerous consumer products and defective medications.

When you add up all the types of accidents and injuries, you may start to get an idea of how many people are injured every day and need help. And that’s just in Louisiana!

Why Are Injury Lawyers Necessary?

You may assume that as long as you have insurance, you don’t need to hire a lawyer. But the truth is that insurance companies are out to make money, not pay fair compensation to victims.

That means they will try every tactic in the book to reduce or deny paying out settlements to injury victims, even when those customers have faithfully paid their policies each month for years or decades before filing their first claims. Unfortunately, that loyalty doesn’t usually go both ways.

If the insurance company isn’t treating you fairly or refuses to pay for the medical treatments you need, it can seem hopeless.

Hiring a lawyer is often the only way to stop them from giving you the runaround and to start taking you and your claim seriously.

Why Are Injury Lawyer Ads Necessary?

Most people go their entire lives without ever needing a lawyer, so when they do need one, they don’t know how to get the ball rolling. Unless they can get a recommendation from a trusted friend or family member, they may have no idea where to even look. Ads are the best way for law firms to reach the people who need them.  

There is also an expectation that lawyers are expensive. This can definitely be true, depending on the type of legal help you need. However, many personal injury firms, including Dudley DeBosier, operate on a contingency fee basis.

Our No Fee Guarantee® means we never charge for a consultation, and you pay us nothing, unless and until we win you money.

When you are already dealing with medical bills you can’t pay, and maybe even struggling to pay rent and buy groceries because you aren’t pulling in a paycheck until you’re recovered, hiring a lawyer seems like an additional expense you can’t afford.

Ads help make people aware that a lawyer is a very real and very viable option for them that they may not have thought financially possible.  

After an Injury, Get a Law Firm That Cares

So now you know why there are so many personal injury lawyers and why their ads are seemingly everywhere. But are they all the same? Why should you hire one over another?

While all personal injury lawyers want to help their clients win money, not all of them want to truly help their clients. Your lawyer should always take your individual needs into consideration, accurately advise you on what your injuries could be worth, and provide honest guidance on whether or not you should take your case to trial or accept an offer from the insurance company.

And it should always be your choice. If your lawyer is pressuring you to make a decision you aren’t fully behind, or refuses to answer your questions and concerns, that lawyer isn’t a good one.

You hired a lawyer so you wouldn’t have to accept bad treatment from the insurance company. Don’t accept bad treatment from your lawyer, too!

What Makes Dudley DeBosier different?

At Dudley DeBosier, we’re committed to helping Louisiana accidents victims get the maximum possible compensation for their injuries, but we are also committed to helping them get their lives back to a healthy, happy normal. And that means going a little bit further than most other firms to make sure our clients are satisfied with the progress of their cases and their overall well-being when their claims are finally resolved.

We also want to take care of the people in our community even when they’re not hurt, so if the worst occurs, they know they have someone to turn to.

You may have received a free ride home after a sporting event or holiday using a Dudley DeBosier-supplied Uber code, enjoyed a free turkey on Thanksgiving, or even sent your kid to school with a new backpack and school supplies courtesy of Dudley DeBosier.  

We believe that when businesses build relationships not only with their clients, but also with whole communities, they contribute to what makes Louisiana a great place to live.

If you have questions about whether or not one of our attorneys can help you after an accident that wasn’t your fault, call us today. We’re available 24/7, and your consultation is always free.

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