Joshua Herring

Joshua Herring

Help Desk Analyst

Joshua was born and raised in St. Francisville, Louisiana. His passion for technology came about at a young age and he knew he wanted to turn his hobby into his career, so he went on to earn his CompTIA A+ Certification. Before joining the Dudley DeBosier family in 2021, Joshua gained years of experience working as an IT technician at Turner Industries. 

His favorite part of his job is working with computers, solving problems and seeing the reaction of those he’s helped. Aside from his time spent solving tech issues,  Joshua enjoys PC tinkering/games, listening to music, camping and fishing! He loves waking up in the morning, sipping his coffee, and then working to make existing things better. Joshua’s favorite quote is “Just a good night’s sleep, and yesterday’s mysteries are today’s masteries.”

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