Courtney Ellis

Courtney Ellis

Intake Support Specialist

Courtney Ellis, an Intake Support Specialist at Dudley DeBosier, hails from Saint Francisville, Louisiana. Her academic journey includes earning a Bachelor’s Degree in History from Louisiana State University, and she is currently pursuing her legal education at Southern University Law Center as a 1L student. Courtney’s commitment to academic and professional growth is evident in her educational and career pursuits.

During her college years, Courtney was involved in Mock Trial for a year, which provided her with valuable experience in the legal field.

Before joining the Dudley DeBosier team in 2023, Courtney gained professional experience at a law firm as a Scheduling Coordinator. Her prior experience in sales also enriched her skill set, making her a valuable asset to her team.

Beyond her professional life, Courtney enjoys a variety of hobbies, including working out, spending quality time with her family, and engaging in outdoor activities. Her hobbies reflect her active and family-oriented lifestyle.

Her favorite quote is, “A quitter never wins, and a winner never quits,” by Napoleon Hill.

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