Christy Coleman

Christy Coleman

Litigation/Trial Paralegal

Christy, a graduate of Baton Rouge College with a diploma in paralegal studies, brings over two decades of experience to the legal field. Throughout her career, she specialized in defense, focusing on medical malpractice and product liability under the guidance of a lead attorney for 22 years. Notably, she managed a complex class action case involving over 25,000 plaintiffs affected by TMJ implant issues.

Known for her collaborative spirit and readiness to assist whenever needed, Christy thrives in team environments. Her passion lies in trial preparation and execution, where she handles all aspects, from managing witnesses, including doctors, to organizing and presenting compelling evidence to the jury.

Christy’s dedication to helping clients stems from her early fascination with both civil and criminal cases. She saw the legal profession as an opportunity to pursue a career she truly loves, and her enthusiasm remains undiminished. As a multitasker and problem solver, she finds fulfillment in supporting clients through their legal challenges, recognizing the importance of empathy in every case.

Christy runs her own embroidery business in her spare time, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit and creative talents outside of the courtroom.

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