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Contrary to insurance companies and popular opinion, the vast majority of motorcyclists practice defensive riding to ensure their own and others’ safety. Even so, when another motorist fails to drive with due care and causes a motorcycle rider to crash, the motorcyclist’s protective gear may make the difference between minor injury and death.

Significant impact-rated helmets, armored gloves, and motorcycle suits can reduce the severity of injuries related to motorcycle accidents. Despite the protective ability of motorcycle gear, a motorcycle accident is still likely to result in injuries and damages.

If you or someone you love has been in a motorcycle accident because of the careless driving of another motorist, contact the Louisiana motorcycle crash injury attorneys at Dudley DeBosier. Our attorneys are experienced in motorcycle accident cases and know how to get you the compensation you deserve.

The Importance of Motorcycle Gear

Motorcycle gear can be broken into three categories based on what parts of the body they protect. The helmet protects a rider’s head from impact injuries and lacerations. The gloves and boots protect the hands and feet from crushing wounds and cuts. Motorcycle pants and jackets save the body’s arms, legs, and trunk from fractures and other serious injuries.


According to the CDC, motorcycle helmets can reduce the risk of head injury by 69% and the risk of death by 37%. In fact, motorcycle helmets are reported to have saved over 25,000 lives since 2002. The best helmets are rated to withstand a major impact and multiple smaller impacts. Since motorcycle accidents often result in impacts to the motorcyclist’s head, opting for a top-of-the-line helmet is essential to motorcycle safety. Full-face helmets offer the best protection because they can also protect the eyes, face, and chin.

Gloves and boots

Many riders may throw out their feet or hands instinctively trying to catch themselves in a crash, which can cause road rash and broken bones.

Armored riding gloves with hard knuckles absorb some of the impacts when motorcyclists fall off their motorcycles. Some also provide wrist support. Beyond crash protection, a good pair of gloves also helps riders maintain a better grip on the handlebars and lessens vibrations, which makes it easier to control the bike. 

High-strength riding boots stop your feet and ankles from extreme twisting and deep cuts in an accident. Motorcyclists who wear motorcycle boots are less likely to suffer injury to their feet or ankles. Even motorcyclists who wear non-motorcycle boots are significantly less likely to suffer injury than those who wear tennis shoes or other kinds of shoes. A good pair of motorcycle boots has a flex-resistant build and armor over the toes.

Jackets and pants

Jackets and pants made of thick materials like high-quality leather and gore-tex protect your body from severe lacerations and road rash, which can require skin grafts to treat in serious cases. The best protection is provided by motorcycle jackets and with armor plating. Research shows that wearing a full protective suit results in shorter hospital stays and less physical pain after a motorcycle crash.

Injuries Can Still Occur, Even with Protective Motorcycle Gear

Despite motorcyclists protecting themselves with gear and practicing defensive riding, motorcycles still lack the protection and safety features of cars. Because riders are so exposed on the road, there is still a chance a negligent motorist could cause a crash and severely injure a motorcycle rider. If you or someone you love was recently involved in a motorcycle accident and the other motorist is at fault, you deserve compensation for your injuries.

Compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and damages to your motorcycle after a crash that wasn’t your fault often comes as a settlement from the at-fault driver’s insurance. If the insurance company refuses to offer a fair settlement even after speaking with your lawyer or tries to unfairly pin you with a large portion of the blame for the crash, you may need to escalate to a lawsuit and take them to court to get the money you are owed.

Common injuries from motorcycle accidents

Failing to wear the proper gear while riding a motorcycle increases your risk of injury. According to the CDC, 30% of motorcycle crash victims suffer injuries to their legs and feet, while 22% suffer injuries to their head and neck. The next most common areas injured are the trunk, arms, and hands.

Some of the most common motorcycle accident injuries include road rash, broken bones, brain injury, and whiplash. Most injuries after motorcycle crashes cause lasting pain, expensive medical bills, and even disfigurement or disability.

Wearing protective gear can save your life and reduce the severity of injuries, but medical bills and other damages are still likely to occur. The people at fault should be held responsible for your pain and expenses after a crash.

Dudley DeBosier is proud to fight for the rights of Louisiana motorcyclists. We understand the bias motorcyclists experience when involved in an accident. We’ve partnered with Paul Teutul Sr. of the hit show American Chopper to let injured motorcyclists know that we will fight to help get them the compensation they deserve. 

Contact us today for a free consultation to learn more about how we protect the rights and interests of motorcyclists. With our No Fee Guarantee®, you don’t pay a legal fee unless we win a settlement for your claim.  

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