Dudley DeBosier Prevents Drunk Driving Injuries & Deaths with Safe Rides Home

Why does Dudley DeBosier offer Safe Rides Home? 

At Dudley DeBosier, we want to prevent people from getting injured—it’s part of our “difference.” That’s why we provide FREE rideshare codes for a safe ride home during some of the biggest drinking holidays/events in our communities. 

In our line of business, unfortunately we often see the effects that drunk driving can have on individuals, families, and communities alike. Fortunately, we’ve seen a decrease in crashes since the launch of our Safe Ride Home campaign in 2009; however, we’re not done until the total number decreases to zero. We hope people will take advantage of our Safe Ride Home program to continue making Louisiana’s streets a little safer.  

How is Dudley DeBosier making a Difference to prevent drunk driving injuries/deaths?

Since the launch of Dudley DeBosier’s Safe Ride Home program, Louisiana has seen a 19% decrease in the number of fatal crashes due to drunk driving crashes. [Reference HERE

Dudley DeBosier has spent over $100,000 to provide thousands of rides. A few of the events/holidays include:

  • Saints Games
  • LSU Games 
  • New Years Eve Celebrations 
  • Mardi Gras Parades 
  • St. Patrick’s Day Parades 

To learn more about DUI’s during the holidays, READ HERE 

How can Dudley DeBosier help me if I’ve been injured by a drunk driver?

Our injury attorneys know the devastating effects of car accidents caused by drunk driving, and it’s our goal to help spread awareness of DUI accident dangers in Louisiana. We also know that injuries caused by negligence can happen anytime—even over the holidays. We’re here if you need us—just contact our  24/7 legal team to get the help you deserve.

Is Dudley DeBosier currently providing any Safe Rides Home?

Not currently, but stay tuned! We have events planned throughout the year where we’ll be providing safe rides home. Be sure to follow our Facebook page to stay up to date with all our upcoming Safe Ride Initiatives!

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