Studies show that most auto accidents are caused by driver error. In fact, around 90 percent of crashes can be attributed to things like speeding, following too closely, distracted driving, inexperience, and driving while impaired. But what about the remaining percentage of crashes?

An often-overlooked cause of crashes is the roads, streets, highways, and interstates we travel on every day. It’s easy to take the safety and reliability of roadways for granted, but they must be designed properly and they also require constant monitoring and frequent maintenance to be safe for all types of vehicles.

What Is the Government’s Role in Designing and Maintaining Roads?

Federal, state, and local governments are in charge of roads in Louisiana, and when they fail to keep them free from hazards, these parties can be held liable when crashes occur.

Some of the tasks that government departments and agencies are required to perform to keep roads safe for drivers include:

  • Building roads that are easily navigated and traversed—Roads are supposed to be designed with drivers in mind. But some roads are dangerous due to their initial design because of unnecessary winding curves or steep inclines.
  • Repairing damage after storms or inclement weather—Potholes, flood damage, rockslides, and downed trees can all make roads dangerous or impassable. It’s up to the government to make timely repairs or detour drivers away from those areas.

If you or someone you love was hurt in a crash that was caused by poor road conditions, you may be eligible to file a claim against the governmental body that was supposed to make it safe for you and other drivers. Our New Orleans car accident lawyers can help. Call Dudley DeBosier today to find out how we can help.

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