According to the latest U.S. Census Bureau population estimates, Shreveport is home to 187,593 inhabitants, making it the third most populous city in Louisiana behind Baton Rouge and New Orleans. It forms the western half of the Shreveport-Bossier City (SBC) metropolitan area, with a total population of just under 400,000.

Although Shreveport may not have the same congestion issues as larger-sized cities in Louisiana, it remains a large urban area with high traffic concentrations that can led to serious car wrecks.

Why Are Intersections So Hazardous?

Intersections are parts of the road network where the traffic movement is the densest. Traffic flow changes directions constantly, requiring drivers to remain highly aware of their surroundings and pay particular attention to traffic flow from multiple directions.

In urban areas, drivers must also remain attentive to other elements alongside traffic, such as crossing pedestrians and other roadside objects.

Driving safely at or near intersections requires extra care and attention, especially in cities. On top of the usual risks of frontal and rear-end collisions, the risk of a vehicle impacting another from the side (T-bone crashes) significantly increases at intersections.

According to a study by the NHTSA, approximately 40% of all motor vehicle crashes occur at intersections. Of these, over 44% are attributable to inadequate surveillance, meaning when at least one driver is not paying enough attention while driving through.

The Top Three Most Dangerous Intersections in Shreveport, LA

Although there are hundreds of intersections and crossings in Shreveport, some are more dangerous to road users than others. If you live or work in Shreveport, here’s what you need to know about the top three worst intersections in the city.

1. East 70th Street & Youree Drive

Located just 1.3 miles northwest of the Louisiana State University in Shreveport (LSUS), this intersection comprises two of the city’s most heavily used roads: Youree Drive on the northwest-southeast axis and East 70th Street on the east-west axis. Both roads are part of Louisiana’s state highway network, respectively LA-1 and LA-511.

As an intersection of two major state highways, East 70th Street & Youree Drive is also one of the most dangerous in Shreveport. The intersection’s road configuration has five crossing lanes in all directions with traffic lights.

Although visibility is good and traffic light signage is clearly readable, this intersection is infamous among Shreveport inhabitants for being one of the most dangerous. In 2022 alone, local news recorded two serious wrecks: a 4-vehicle crash in February, resulting in 6 injuries, and a 2-vehicle incident in April at night.

2. Mansfield Road & West Bert Kouns Loop

This intersection comprises two major thoroughfares in the city of Shreveport: Mansfield Road on the northeast-southwest axis and a part of U.S. Route 171, and the western half of the Bert Kouns Industrial Loop (LA-526) on the east-west axis, which runs alongside the city’s southwestern edge.

This area actually comprises of two intersections:

  • A primary intersection where the six-lane highway Mansfield Road crosses the five-lane highway on Bert Kouns.
  • A secondary intersection, where a secondary two-lane road, parallel to the highway and connected to nearby shops and restaurants, also crosses the Bert Kouns highway.

The configuration of this twin intersection is particularly dangerous due to the dense traffic in all directions. The secondary two-lane road experiences congestion during the afternoon every day of the week. In August 2020, local drivers recorded a 6-vehicle pileup at this intersection during the afternoon.

3. Youree Drive & East Bert Kouns Loop

Youree Drive, part of LA-1, also crosses with the Bert Kouns Industrial Loop on its eastern section, forming an intersection of Louisiana highways LA-1 and LA-526. Youree Drive makes up the northwest-southeast axis of this intersection, while E Bert Kouns is the northeast-southwest axis.

This area is located 0.9 miles southeast of East 70th Street & Youree Drive, meaning that two of the most dangerous intersections in Shreveport are less than a mile apart.

The configuration of this intersection is similar to the previous two, with six crossing lanes in all directions and high traffic density during rush hour.

In April 2022, the intersection was the site of a crash between an SUV driving in the wrong direction and a sedan, resulting in 2 injured.

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