Here at Dudley DeBosier Injury Lawyers, we’re big football fans. But even when the Saints or the Tigers aren’t playing, we still love to take in a good game, and the Super Bowl is the biggest game of the year. If you are planning on taking in the big game at a bar or watching with friends at a Super Bowl party, we want you to have fun, but we also want you to stay safe while you do so.

Super Bowl parties often involve alcohol, and when party goers drink and then drive home, they greatly increase their risk of getting in car accidents and injuring themselves or others. In 2018, Louisiana ranked ninth in the nation for the most fatal DUI collisions. Don’t let yourself become part of the statistic. Follow these rules when you head out to watch the game on February 2.

What Super Bowl Party Hosts Need to Know

Although motor vehicle crashes involving drunk drivers are one of the biggest threats to partygoers on Super Bowl Sunday, and one with the most potential to causes serious injuries or even death, they aren’t the only danger you’ll face.

If you are hosting a party this Super Bowl Sunday, keep these tips in mind to help protect your guests.

  • Clear your driveway, lawn, and porch of potential tripping hazards, and make sure the inside and outside of your home is well-lit to help reduce the risk of guests falling and injuring themselves as they come and go.
  • Make sure everyone has a plan on how they will get home when they arrive. If they plan to drive themselves, take their keys and evaluate for yourself when they leave. If they don’t appear safe to drive, offer to call a cab or let them stay in a guest room.
  • Make sure plenty of non-alcoholic drink options are available, and never serve alcohol to an underage guest. If a teenager has alcohol at your home, and gets in a car accident later that night, you could be liable.  
  • Stop serving alcohol at the end of the third quarter to allow everyone time to sober up. This is also a good time to bring out coffee and dessert. 
  • Check with all guests for food allergies, and make sure to clean your knives and cutting boards between each step when preparing food to prevent contamination.
  • Keep cold food cold and hot food hot, even if that means moving them back and forth from the table and fridge/oven. Letting food sit at room temperature for too long increases the risk of food poisoning.
  • Keep the family dog and cat in another room away from guests. Large numbers of unfamiliar people and loud cheering may cause a pet that’s normally friendly to become scared and bite or scratch.

We’re Here to Help After Super Bowl Injuries

If you or someone you love were injured at a Super Bowl party or in a crash involving a negligent driver on Super Bowl Sunday, we want to help. Car crash injuries are often extremely painful and can even prevent you from working and earning the paychecks you need to pay your hospital bills.

If your injury was caused by a drunk driver or someone else behaving negligently, you shouldn’t be the one forced to pay. You deserve compensation, and we want to help you get every cent you deserve.

Contact the team at Dudley DeBosier today for a free consultation, and if you hire us, you owe us nothing unless you win your claim.

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