When you take care of your bike, it provides endless hours of freedom and enjoyment on Louisiana’s roads and highways. But if you fail to perform regular maintenance on your motorcycle, it can result in unsafe driving conditions or even a serious accident. According to data from motor vehicles crashes in 2019, motorcyclists died 29 times more often than occupants of passenger vehicles per miles traveled.

Louisiana is a state that has many motorcycle rules in place for the safety of its residents. If you have purchased or are planning on buying a bike soon, you must know about these requirements to avoid getting into legal trouble with your motorcycle.

Motorcycle Licensing and Inspection in Louisiana

Louisiana requires motorcycle owners to get a motorcycle endorsement on their licenses and their motorcycles inspected within 40 days of purchase. After your motorcycle passes inspection, you will receive an inspection sticker.

This inspection is meant to prove your motorcycle is mechanically safe to drive on the roads and highways. According to Louisiana law, to avoid causing a car accident or putting yourself and others in danger because of a breakdown, you’ll need to get regular inspections for your motorcycle every year.

Why Regular Maintenance is Important for Your Motorcycle

Motorcycles are prone to several issues without regular maintenance that can contribute to or be the direct cause of a crash. Improper motorcycle maintenance can lead to faulty equipment, such as headlights and turn signals. Malfunctioning brake lights are also common when parts aren’t regularly checked for loose or missing bolts.

These are some of the other common safety issues that reinforce the importance of routine motorcycle maintenance.

Faulty Brakes

Motorcycle owners should take the necessary precautions to ensure their brakes are in good working order. Brakes and brake pads might need servicing periodically, depending on how often you ride your bike.

Not only do they prevent you from crashing, but if the brake pads are not working correctly or have worn out completely, then they can slide across the pavement, giving riders less room for error and causing accidents. The brake pads should never be worn through to the metal. If they are, your brakes will suffer, and you’ll put yourself and other road users at risk.

Broken Headlights and Brake Lights

If you are going to be riding your motorcycle at night, ensure your headlights and brake lights are working properly. A motorcycle without headlights or brake lights is difficult to see by other vehicles on the road, increasing the risk of a collision. Faulty headlights can lead to a rear-end collision when cars cannot tell whether the motorcycle is slowing down or stopping.

Motorcycle turn signals are essential as they inform other drivers of your intentions, reducing the risk of collisions. If your motorcycle has broken or missing turn signals, you cannot communicate safely with other drivers on the road, risking your safety and theirs.

Tire Blowouts

A motorcyclist can lose control because of a tire blowout caused by low tire pressure. Before going on the road, it is essential to check your tires regularly and make sure they are adequately inflated, as outside air temperature can influence the pressure and density in your tires. And when the tread is worn down or separated, the tire is less likely to maintain traction in wet conditions if there is not enough tread.

Deteriorating Fuel Line

The fuel line on a motorcycle is made of rubber and can be damaged by dry rot, cold temperatures, or direct sunshine. If the fuel line becomes cracked or deteriorated, it could leak into the engine, posing serious risks, including fire hazards.

In Case of an Accident, Contact a Motorcycle Crash Attorney

Even with the best maintenance and regular inspection of your motorcycle, crashes still happen, especially when it’s other drivers who are negligent when driving near you. You must choose the right lawyer to protect yourself and provide guidance when pursuing legal action.

The Louisiana motorcycle crash attorneys at Dudley DeBosier Injury Lawyers will evaluate your case, determine which type of damages apply, and seek full compensation on your behalf. We recognize the significance of your recovery journey after an accident, and we’re committed to supporting you in every possible way to facilitate your return to normalcy.

For a free consultation about your legal rights after a crash on your motorcycle, contact our team of experienced motorcycle accident attorneys today.

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