Your Hoverboard Isn’t Safe

February 15, 2016

You may remember our last post about #hoverboardfails and the potential safety risks they pose. Well, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, after a months-long investigation, these wildly popular “self-balancing boards” have officially been declared unsafe by the United States Government.

The CSPC sent a letter to the manufacturers, importers and retailers of hoverboards urging these companies to make sure the hoverboards are following new safety standards. If the agency finds companies selling hoverboards are not meeting these standards, enforcement actions could occur, including penalties and seizures.

Accordingly, the CSPC is calling for hoverboard companies to take their product off the market until they receive a certification of safety from UL, an independent testing company. Any hoverboard brand currently displaying the UL mark on its packaging is doing so without authentic certification from the safety testing company.

With this official notice, hoverboard makers and retailers could soon be issuing massive recall orders for their products, as all hoverboards are now officially safety hazards until they undergo tests for compliance with the new safety standards.

What happens next for hoverboards?

Amazon has already told customers to “throw away unsafe hoverboards,” and even offered refunds to those who purchased one. More than 60 airlines have banned them from being transported on planes, both as carry-ons and in cargo bays. Meanwhile in the UK, some officials have started to confiscate them. All in all, we may be seeing the end of hoverboards.

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