Sean Scadlock

Sean Scadlock

Facilities Coordinator

Sean was born and raised in Morgan City, Louisiana. He has received several certifications, including Heavy Equipment, First Aid and CPR, HAZMAT, CDL, TENORM, Emergency Response and Rescue, Advanced Combative Training, Fresh Air Confined Space, Industrial Safety, Hazwoper, Rigging, OSHA, and MORE! He’s well-versed in all things facilities. While Sean was in school, he played baseball, basketball, football, 4h, and wrestled! 

Prior to joining the Dudley DeBosier family in 2022, Sean gained years of experience working various fields: Oil, Maritime, Environmental, Machinery, and Fabrication. He’s been awarded 6 Spot Awards for Safety Solutions, and was even named Employee of the Year twice! 

Sean’s motivated by his family, his coworkers, and having the opportunity to make a positive impact. Aside from time spent at work, Sean enjoys playing golf, basketball, hiking, kayaking, fishing, and MMA. His favorite quote is “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything,” by Albert Einstein.

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