Debbie Desselle

Legal Assistant

Debbie, a native of Crown Point, LA, graduated from Fishers High School where she played in the band, was a member of the drama club, and was a part of the dance team. She started her career in the legal profession in 2003, where she has seen both the defense and plaintiff sides and held the positions of legal assistant and office manager. Debbie has been a commissioned Notary Public since 2013 with statewide jurisdiction. In 2016, she officially became a part of the Dudley DeBosier family, and what she loves the most about working here is the fact that we honestly strive to help people. Debbie believes that we are the best law firm in the world, and attests that we not only thoroughly care about our clients, but also about our employees and the morale of the firm. In her spare time, Debbie enjoys cooking, entertaining with family and friends, and walking in the woods.

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