Cassandra Johnson

Cassandra Johnson

Legal Assistant

Cassandra grew up in Vernon Parish in Louisiana, where she graduated from Pitkin High School. She went on to live in Savannah, GA. While there, one of her previous co-workers suggested that Cassandra would be great in a legal setting and that she should take a chance on it. Cassandra took the plunge and dove into the legal profession in 2014 as a case manager and eventually moved up to become a litigation paralegal working in personal injury.

After spending eleven years in Georgia, Cassandra moved back to Louisiana, where she became a part of the Dudley DeBosier family in 2017. Cassandra’s favorite part of her job is interacting with her clients. Her biggest motivators are her children, and she enjoys spending time with them every moment that she can. She also enjoys reading, seeing live music performances, exploring, and traveling in her free time. A fun fact about Cassandra is that she learned how to communicate using sign language before she was able to form sentences verbally because both of her parents are deaf.

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