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According to data compiled by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), 38,824 deaths from motor vehicle crashes were recorded in 2020. 762 fatal crashes occurred in Louisiana alone, causing 828 fatalities, or about 17.8 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants from car crashes.

Accidents are more likely in urban areas than in rural sectors due to the increased population density, and intersections are among the most dangerous urban road settings. If you live or work in Lafayette, LA, read on to learn about the city’s top three most dangerous intersections.

Why Intersections Are Among the Most Dangerous Areas for Drivers

Cities, towns, and other urban areas have high concentrations of people. In Lafayette, LA, as in most other cities in the United States, high population density often translates to an increased number of cars and other motor vehicles.

The CDC estimates that distracted or negligent driving is responsible for at least 9 deaths every day in the U.S. A distracted or inattentive driver is more likely to be involved in an accident because they cannot see and react to potential dangers in time.

Intersections introduce additional risks: traffic flows in four directions instead of two, and other road users like cyclists and pedestrians frequently cross the road at intersections. Therefore, a crash at an intersection endangers more people than on a regular street or a road.

The most common types of crashes at high-traffic intersections are T-bone wrecks, collisions with cyclists and pedestrians, rear-end collisions, and head-on impacts.

The Three Most Dangerous Intersections in Lafayette, LA

According to the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau, Lafayette is home to 121,374 people, making it the fourth-largest municipality in Louisiana behind Shreveport, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans.

Below are the city’s top three most dangerous intersections, according to crash data compiled by the Daily Advertiser between January 1, 2017, and June 30, 2018.

1.    Johnston St & Ambassador Caffery Pkwy

This Lafayette intersection is a meeting point for two major Louisiana highways. Johnson Street comprises part of U.S. Route 167 on the northeast-southwest axis. Ambassador Caffery Parkway sits on the northwest-southeast axis and is part of the 10-mile Louisiana State Highway 3073 linking Lafayette to Broussard.

According to the Daily Advertiser’s crash data map, 167 accidents occurred at or near this intersection during the study’s 18-month period. These numbers correspond to about 111.3 crashes per year or approximately 9.3 per month.

2.    W Congress St & Bertrand Dr

Situated near the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, this intersection is located near the university hospital and comprises six-lane roads at all four corners. The northwest-southeast axis is Bertrand Drive, part of Louisiana State Highway 3025, and the northeast-southwest axis is part of West Congress Street.

The Daily Advertiser recorded 103 crashes at or near this high-density intersection, corresponding to a yearly rate of 68.6 accidents, or 5.7 per month. Distracted driving by students and this intersection’s extensive size likely add to the location’s hazardous conditions. 

3.    Kaliste Saloom Rd & W Pinhook Rd

This intersection is in the southeastern part of Lafayette, just half a mile south of the Pinhook Road Drawbridge overlooking the Vermilion River. The northeast-southwest axis is Kaliste Saloom Road, its eastern section starting from the intersection. The northwest-southeast axis is West Pinhook Road, part of Louisiana Highway 182.

According to the Daily Advertiser crash map, 155 motor vehicle crashes occurred at or near this intersection during the 18-month recording period. These numbers translate into a yearly crash rate of 103.3 or about 8.6 per month.

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