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St. Patrick’s Day is a popular holiday celebrated around the world, particularly in Ireland and the United States. It is a day to celebrate Irish culture and heritage; for many, this means drinking and having a good time.

Unfortunately, the holiday has also become associated with increased car accidents due to drinking and driving. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), on St. Patrick’s Day in 2020, 36% of fatal car accidents that day were caused by drunk drivers.

Pre-COVID in 2019, drunk drivers caused 63% of car accidents on St. Patrick’s Day. In addition, a 2019 study found that Louisiana had the fifth most DUI deaths on St. Patrick’s Day of all states, at .22 deaths per million residents.

Ways to Celebrate Without Drinking

Reduce your risk of getting into a car accident this St. Patrick’s Day by enjoying some alcohol-free ways to celebrate. But if you are injured in a drunk driving incident over the holiday, a New Orleans car crash attorney from Dudley DeBosier can help you get fair compensation for your injuries.

The following activities let you immerse yourself in Irish culture while keeping yourself and others safe on the road.

Attend a Parade

One of the most popular ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day is by attending a parade. In New Orleans, many parades and events are held throughout the city, providing a great opportunity to join in the festivities and celebrate Irish culture. Consider attending the following parades in and around the New Orleans area:

Cook a Traditional Irish Breakfast

A traditional Irish breakfast is a great way to start the day and get into the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day. The fry-up typically includes eggs, sausage, bacon, black pudding, white pudding, and fried tomatoes.

You can also try making traditional Irish boxty, a pancake made from a combination of mashed and grated raw potatoes fried to crispy perfection. And don’t forget to make yourself a cup of tea!

Steep loose Assam tea leaves in a teapot for no more than five minutes to ensure the perfect strength. You need around one teaspoon of loose-leaf tea per cup of boiling water. Then, pour milk into your cup about a third of the way up before adding the brewed tea.

Learn How to Irish Step Dance

Irish step dancing is a traditional style associated with St. Patrick’s Day. Many classes and workshops are available in New Orleans, such as the Ryan School of Irish Dance and the Muggivan School of Irish Dance, which offers a free first class for beginners. Enjoy learning about the basics of this fun and energetic dance style.

Listen to Irish Music or Read a Book by an Irish Author

Irish music is an integral part of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. From traditional Irish folk songs to more modern Irish rock and pop, there is a musical style for everyone. Turn on Across the Line, a radio program on BBC Radio Ulster that champions Northern Irish musicians like Stiff Little Fingers and The Undertones.

Many great Irish authors have written books perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. Read Asking For It by Louise O’Neill, about a young woman whose life is forever changed by a violent act. Or try Pulitzer Prize-winning Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt, a memoir of a young boy’s childhood growing up in Limerick, Ireland, and Brooklyn, NY.

Watch Award-Winning Irish Movies

Celebrate St. Patrick’s day by watching a few movies encapsulating the Irish spirit. The following titles make an excellent choice, depending on your film interests:

  • Stutterer is a touching and beautifully made short film that won the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film in 2016. It tells the story of a man with a severe stutter who struggles to connect with others.
  • The Wind That Shakes the Barley is a 2006 independent film starring Cillian Murphy and Liam Cunningham. It tells the harrowing story of two brothers fighting in the Irish War of Independence and features beautiful footage of the Irish countryside.
  • The Banshees of Inisherin is an Oscar-nominated film from 2022 written by playwright Martin McDonagh, starring Brendon Gleeson and Colin Farrell. The movie is a tragicomedy that explores the changing relationship between two long-time friends who live on the island of Inisherin in 1923.

Bake Soda Bread

Soda bread is a traditional Irish bread that is easy to make and perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. It’s made with simple ingredients and requires no yeast, making it a great option for those who want to celebrate the holiday with a homemade treat.

Download an Irish Podcast

If you’re looking for something to listen to, why not download an Irish podcast? Some popular ones include An Irishman Abroad, which features interviews with well-known Irish people, and the Irish History Podcast, which covers the history of Ireland and its people.

Enjoy a Safe St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday celebrated worldwide, and for many, it is a time to celebrate Irish culture and heritage. While drinking is often associated with the holiday, there are many other ways to enjoy it without drinking. Try a few of these activities this year and enjoy a safer and more enjoyable St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

If you’re injured in a car accident on St. Patrick’s day, contact an attorney at Dudley DeBosier. We can help you navigate filing a claim and get you the compensation you need to recover from your financial losses, including medical bills and lost wages.

This content has been reviewed by Chad Lederman, Director of Legal Operations at our New Orleans office.

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