The Life Of A Single Mom

June 7, 2017

Being a single mom is no small feat. Raising a child alone is not only very financially straining, but also very emotionally fatiguing. As a single parent, often times, every need of your child falls on you. That means meals, discipline, school supplies, clothes, toys, transportation and any extra-curricular activities–not to mention, the house note, electricity, water and gas. For many single parents these things can begin to build-up, as you try to do your best for your child, while still managing to take care of yourself.

This is why The Life Of A Single Mom Ministries was founded by Jennifer Maggio in 2007. She experienced single parenting first hand and understood the struggles of going at it alone. She left the corporate world to create TLSM for single parents nationwide. Today, TLSM works to educate communities on the challenges of single parenting, as well as provide lone parents with resources and assistance.

With our help, TLSM can continue to help single parents and be a shoulder for them to lean on. At Dudley DeBosier, the month of June is dedicated to helping raise awareness for this noteworthy organization. Additionally, for every new like the Dudley DeBosier Facebook page receives in the month of June, we will donate a dollar to The Life Of A Single Mom Ministries, up to 500 dollars.

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