Pay It Forward

April 24, 2017

National Pay It Forward Day will be held on Friday, April 28, 2017. This will be the ninth time the United States has observed the holiday, the first observation being in 2008. Dudley DeBosier is proud to partake in National Pay It Forward Day by doing random acts of kindness throughout our community. For instance, last year we bought coffee for everyone in line at a local coffee shop. Then, we gave cookies to shoppers at a local grocery store, to sweeten their day. This year, we hope to pass on a little entertainment, a little help and a little hope.

National Pay It Forward Day is a global initiative that was founded in Australia by Blake Beattie in 2007. This year, the goal of the day is to inspire 10 million acts of kindness worldwide. With your help, and the help of the 81 participating countries, we can surpass this goal! Join us in “Paying It Forward!” Every kindness—big or small—counts!

  • A few ways YOU can Pay It Forward are:
  • Buy someone’s cup of coffee or lunch
  • Give umbrellas to those without on a rainy day
  • Buy a train or bus ticket for the person behind you
  • Bring canned goods to a local food bank or shelter
  • Donate to a good cause
  • Spread the word to your friends and colleagues so they can help too!

For more information on National Pay It Forward Day, visit: