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Riding a motorcycle carries many inherent risks. That’s because motorcycles have no built-in safety equipment. When riders are involved in crashes, their helmets and riding gear are the only things that protect them.

Because of the dangers that motorcyclists face, it’s important for both riders and other drivers to be considerate, cautious, and safety-oriented on Louisiana’s roadways. Unfortunately, dangerous driving habits are common throughout the state. That fact, combined with the fact that drivers aren’t always on the lookout for people traveling on two wheels, means that motorcyclists face significant risks every time they ride.

What Types of Driver Negligence Contribute to Motorcycle Accidents?

Most motorcyclists are safety-conscious and take all of the necessary steps to protect themselves. But negligent and careless drivers can cause serious crashes in a split second. A few common causes of negligence-related motorcycle crashes include:

  • Not looking for motorcycles—Whether they’re turning left, entering an intersection, or changing lanes, drivers must always look out for other vehicles—including motorcycles.
  • Driving while distracted—Too many drivers rely on their peripheral vision or cursory glances at the road due to being distracted. When they do that, they may miss seeing motorcyclists in their path or next to them.
  • Speeding—Motorcycles can accelerate and slow down much faster than vehicles. When motorcyclists stop, speeding drivers behind them may be unable to slow down in time.

Other drivers aren’t always the ones at fault. Sometimes, governmental entities can even be held liable for crashes, especially when they know about but fail to address dangerous conditions on roadways such as potholes, debris, or broken asphalt.

Hurt in a Crash? We’re Here to Help.

At Dudley DeBosier, our Louisiana motorcycle accident lawyers know that motorcyclists often suffer severe and debilitating injuries in crashes. If you or someone you love was hurt on a motorcycle, we’re here to help. Call today for a free consultation.

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