Threads of Love Foundation

Our Mission
Threads of Love is a ministry about healing and binding together the hearts of parents, and letting them know that God is faithful. Through acts of love and obedience, His work can and will continue. The mission of Threads of Love is to bind together the hearts of families at a time of uncertainty in the health of their newborn infant. Our goal is to have as many chapters of Threads of Love in as many places as possible, so that parents across America may receive the support that is needed at a painful time in their lives. It will take a joint effort by everyone. If the body of Christ joins together, this ministry will spread helping to bind broken hearts. We thank you that you’ve found it in your heart to begin a chapter. From 9/1997 to 8/2019 2,566.744 items have been donated hospitals across America.

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Voting is now closed for our 2020 #DoRight4LA contest. Our winner will be announced on our Facebook page on Monday, June 8th. Check back for our 2020 highlight and be sure to join us on #DoRight4LA Day!