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Ideally, all nursing homes would provide exceptional care. In reality, the level of care offered by nursing homes can vary greatly from one facility to another. If you’re searching for a facility, then you might be wondering which qualities you should look for.

We’ve compiled a guide for choosing a nursing home to help you in your search. You’ll learn which factors are most desirable and which ones could signal that a nursing home puts profit above resident happiness and health. You’ll also learn why scheduling a visit is so important when vetting nursing homes.

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What You Want in a Nursing Home

The right facility will offer exceptional care and do everything your loved one requires to live happily and healthily. It’s great to set your standards high. When you do need to make compromises, make sure you don’t make concessions that put your loved one at risk of receiving inadequate care.

For example, you might compromise how far a nursing home is from your current location. You want to avoid compromising on essential services that your loved one needs, such as rehabilitation.

What You Don’t Want in a Nursing Home

When you notice a few warning signs of bad care, you should not ignore them. Unclean facilities, poor hygiene of residents, and an overworked staff are all indicators that a nursing home won’t be able to provide your loved one with the attention they deserve.

Take a nursing home’s reputation seriously. If you repeatedly hear people talk about how a facility offers poor care, factor that strongly into your considerations. You should also trust your gut. If your instincts tell you that something is wrong, then weigh that heavily in your final decision.

Know When It’s Time to Call an Attorney

At Dudley DeBosier, we’ve worked with many clients who regretted waiting so long to reach out to an attorney. If you notice that your loved one has been harmed by neglect or abuse, then you should act immediately and call our team. The longer your loved one stays in a dangerous facility, the more likely it is they will suffer even greater harm.

Maybe you’re unsure whether it’s the right time to take legal action. In that case, simply contact our attorneys, so we can assess your case at no cost. If you don’t want to move forward with a claim, then you are under no pressure to do so. It never hurts to talk to an attorney. We know this type of case intimately, so we can help you determine whether your case warrants legal action.

Hopefully, you’ve found our guide for choosing a nursing home helpful. If you or a loved one has had the misfortune of suffering abuse or neglect in a nursing home, schedule a free consultation with Dudley DeBosier today.

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