Reading the Room: Steven DeBosier’s Origin Story and the Importance of Jury Psychology

by Dudley DeBosier | May 26th, 2020

My name is Steven DeBosier, one of the three partners at Dudley DeBosier Injury Lawyers. I want to introduce myself and talk about something near and dear to my heart: why being a lawyer is so important to me. Unlike most, my parents actually worried when I told them I wanted to attend law school — I suppose it made sense in context.

I grew up in Baton Rouge and am the youngest of seven kids. All my older siblings have become engineers, in large part because my dad was so adamant about us going into engineering. But even as a kid, I was better at debate than anything else. I was excited when I realized how that skill can help people, so I’ve known since high school that I wanted to become a lawyer.

But my parents didn’t want me to study pre-law or political science. As a civil engineer and architect, my dad thought law couldn’t be as promisingly steady as an engineering degree. I didn’t want to upset them, but at the same time, I knew I could do anything once I had an engineering degree. So, I went on to college and studied Engineering.

After completing my undergrad, I picked up bartending as I attended law school. I’ve always enjoyed interacting with people, so it was the best job I could’ve had while attending school.

I don’t regret the path I took in the slightest. I tell my kids this often: when you wake up in the morning, get ready, drive to work, stay at work, and drive home, you spend a minimum of half your waking hours doing your job. If you dislike your job, you dislike half your life. I knew sticking to my expertise with debate and people would pay off, and I’ve been able to do what I love every day – fight for those who don’t have the resources to fight for themselves.

My intuition about people did reveal something important to me that law school didn’t teach: jury psychology. It doesn’t matter what kind of argument you make if you can’t effectively prove your point is the correct one. As a former defense lawyer, I know what insurance companies will do to protect themselves, but if you can present the facts of your case and get the jury on your side, then corporations can’t use a lot of their tricks. Jury psychology can change your entire outlook in court and make your stance far more empowering to your case.

Psychology is both fascinating and revealing in a courtroom. For example, you have to wonder as a lawyer, even if you’re not up against an insurance company: why would someone sit for two minutes in their car to come up with what happened rather than tell the truth?

While my specialty is courtroom litigation and I’m constantly learning more, I feel incredibly privileged to work with all the talented, intelligent folks at Dudley DeBosier. I did a lot of work between law school and coming to the firm that would become Dudley DeBosier, but one of the most important things is this: I’m so glad I met my partners, Chad and James.

They’re my two best friends. Chad is the ultimate guy at what he does. He can read an entire book at lunch and tell me all the information I need to know from it. He’s like my personal Cliff Notes. Then, there’s James. Not only is James great at litigation, but he’s also a caring, loving family-man. We each have our roles, and James’ role is litigation and hugging. There isn’t anyone who gets away without a James hug. It’s a great dynamic, and the friendship doesn’t stop there. We spend hours on end hanging out with each other and our families, even outside of work.

Engineering still has a unique influence on my perspective of law. There’s a lot of science involved in car wrecks, for example. But the biggest advantages I have at Dudley DeBosier are the amazing people I work with and my perspective of the court. We give consultations to hundreds of other firms, professionals and individuals across the nation that trust our expertise. I sure hope you don’t – but should you ever need an attorney – I hope you’ll let my closest friends and I take care of you.

Steve DeBosier

Why Are There So Many Personal Injury Attorneys?

by Dudley DeBosier | April 24th, 2020

Whether they’re for us or for other law firms, you probably see personal injury commercials on TV, hear them on the radio, and pass the billboards on the highway every day on your way to work.

So why are there so many personal injury lawyers advertising in Louisiana?  The answer is simpler than you think: The need for legal representation after accidents and injuries is that great.

Let’s look at the numbers. In 2019, 71,757 people were injured in car accidents in Louisiana. That’s actually down from 74,960 people in 2018!

Now imagine how many more Louisianans are injured in other types of accidents: motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, pedestrian accidents, boat accidents, accidents at work, accidents at stores, apartments, and other public and private venues, and even injuries caused by dangerous consumer products and defective medications.

When you add up all the types of accidents and injuries, you may start to get an idea of how many people are injured every day and need help. And that’s just in Louisiana!

Why Are Injury Lawyers Necessary?

You may assume that as long as you have insurance, you don’t need to hire a lawyer. But the truth is that insurance companies are out to make money, not pay fair compensation to victims.

That means they will try every tactic in the book to reduce or deny paying out settlements to injury victims, even when those customers have faithfully paid their policies each month for years or decades before filing their first claims. Unfortunately, that loyalty doesn’t usually go both ways.

If the insurance company isn’t treating you fairly or refuses to pay for the medical treatments you need, it can seem hopeless.

Hiring a lawyer is often the only way to stop them from giving you the runaround and to start taking you and your claim seriously.

Why Are Injury Lawyer Ads Necessary?

Most people go their entire lives without ever needing a lawyer, so when they do need one, they don’t know how to get the ball rolling. Unless they can get a recommendation from a trusted friend or family member, they may have no idea where to even look. Ads are the best way for law firms to reach the people who need them.  

There is also an expectation that lawyers are expensive. This can definitely be true, depending on the type of legal help you need. However, many personal injury firms, including Dudley DeBosier, operate on a contingency fee basis.

Our No Fee Guarantee® means we never charge for a consultation, and you pay us nothing, unless and until we win you money.

When you are already dealing with medical bills you can’t pay, and maybe even struggling to pay rent and buy groceries because you aren’t pulling in a paycheck until you’re recovered, hiring a lawyer seems like an additional expense you can’t afford.

Ads help make people aware that a lawyer is a very real and very viable option for them that they may not have thought financially possible.  

After an Injury, Get a Law Firm That Cares

So now you know why there are so many personal injury lawyers and why their ads are seemingly everywhere. But are they all the same? Why should you hire one over another?

While all personal injury lawyers want to help their clients win money, not all of them want to truly help their clients. Your lawyer should always take your individual needs into consideration, accurately advise you on what your injuries could be worth, and provide honest guidance on whether or not you should take your case to trial or accept an offer from the insurance company.

And it should always be your choice. If your lawyer is pressuring you to make a decision you aren’t fully behind, or refuses to answer your questions and concerns, that lawyer isn’t a good one.

You hired a lawyer so you wouldn’t have to accept bad treatment from the insurance company. Don’t accept bad treatment from your lawyer, too!

What Makes Dudley DeBosier Different?

At Dudley DeBosier, we’re committed to helping Louisiana accidents victims get the maximum possible compensation for their injuries, but we are also committed to helping them get their lives back to a healthy, happy normal. And that means going a little bit further than most other firms to make sure our clients are satisfied with the progress of their cases and their overall well-being when their claims are finally resolved. That’s the Dudley DeBosier Difference.

We also want to take care of the people in our community even when they’re not hurt, so if the worst occurs, they know they have someone to turn to.

You may have received a free ride home after a sporting event or holiday using a Dudley DeBosier-supplied Uber code, enjoyed a free turkey on Thanksgiving, or even sent your kid to school with a new backpack and school supplies courtesy of Dudley DeBosier.  

We believe that when businesses build relationships not only with their clients, but also with whole communities, they contribute to what makes Louisiana a great place to live.

If you have questions about whether or not one of our attorneys can help you after an accident that wasn’t your fault, call us today. We’re available 24/7, and your consultation is always free.

How Chad Dudley Went from Professional Athlete to Attorney

by Dudley DeBosier | March 18th, 2020

From the Tennis Court to the Judicial Court

I spent over a decade training to be a professional tennis player. The discipline, training, and work ethic that I developed during that time made up the best preparation possible for my legal career. I never expected that I would become an attorney, but life never turns out quite as expected. Both my parents dreamed of going to law school, but it just never happened for them. I grew up in Hawaii, and I dreamed of playing professional tennis. I practiced nearly every day for several hours. After competing locally, I started to compete nationally. Traveling was expensive, and my family could not afford to pay for all of it. There was a group of competitive tennis players from Hawaii, and we were all in the same situation: we wanted to compete nationally, but the cost was too high. Eventually, a local personal injury attorney, who had a son who played tennis, stepped up and helped us with the costs. He was one of the first attorneys I remember meeting.

In high school, I climbed the national rankings for tennis and eventually got a scholarship to the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy in Florida, which had the top tennis training facility at the time. Today, it is better known as the IMG Academy. During that time, I played national, international, and low-level professional tennis tournaments. It was tough. There are so many great players out there, and I decided to look at using my tennis talents to get a scholarship to go to college.

I accepted a tennis scholarship from Louisiana State University, and it was an experience like no other. The tennis team was ranked top 10 in the country, and I worked harder than I had ever worked before. It was great playing on a team and playing for LSU. I will never forget it. When I obtained my marketing degree, Jerry Simmons, the tennis coach at LSU, was one of the people who encouraged me to go to law school.

As strange as it sounds, I really enjoyed law school. I loved every part of it. However, I did second-guess my decision when I got my first job in a law firm. I was hired as a law clerk for a large defense firm.

As a law clerk, I performed all the research for the lawyers — which is as important as you’d imagine — but our job was designed to be ineffective and cumbersome. At law school, we would perform research online. At the firm, they had this huge law library with all these old law books. Research that would take 15 minutes online at school could take hours in the library. It drove me crazy.

One day, I decided to take all the research assignments and go to the law school library so that I could crank out the research online. I turned in my work and later got called in by one of the partners. He asked me how I had done so much research in such a short amount of time. I told him I went online and asked him if I got anything wrong. He said everything looked good, but I need to slow down because we were billing the clients by the hour and it didn’t help if I got it done faster and more efficiently. At that point, I made the decision that, if possible, I would avoid ever billing a client by the hour.

From there, I switched to a personal injury firm. It was the first place where they told me, “It doesn’t matter how many hours you work; you just need to get the right result.” That was everything. It changed how I perceived the practice of law. We could help people and not just bill hours. I wasn’t tucked away in a library, and I got to meet the clients and see how our work helped them. I really enjoyed that. For many years, I got to work on some very cool cases. One of them was a toxic tort case where a company had exposed a neighborhood to all sorts of toxins. We represented nearly 4,000 people, and I was responsible for organizing all their information and communicating with them. To accomplish this, I taught myself database programming, and while I didn’t know it at the time, that skill had a big impact on my career.

From there, I went to work for another law firm that handled catastrophic injury cases. It was another great experience to learn how to represent clients who had been severely injured through no fault of their own. While I was there, I also learned about what it took to run a law firm.

Eventually, I was asked to join different law firm as the Chief Operating Officer and focus on the management of the firm.

It was a great opportunity and allowed me to use many of the skills that I had developed through my legal career. It also allowed me to use what I learned training to be a professional athlete and playing on a college team.

After several years in this position, the owners of the firm offered to sell the firm to Steve, James, and myself. It was a big commitment, but we decided to do it. From the very first day, we have focused on a few key things: 1) take care of our employees, 2) take care of our clients, 3) be great at what we do, 4) give back to the community, and 5) have fun. We take those values seriously. I am fortunate to have some amazing partners. I work with my best friends day-in and day-out. Our skills and personalities complement each other’s, and we love what we do. It has made this journey that much more fun and rewarding.

We have built a team of attorneys, legal assistants, and support personnel that feels the same way we do. Every day when I go to work, I look around and am so grateful to work with such amazing people and to work for such amazing clients. I didn’t make it on the professional tennis tour, but I can’t imagine that being as fulfilling or as fun as what I am doing right now.

One Relationship at a Time: What Does It Mean?

by Dudley DeBosier | June 15th, 2018

As personal injury lawyers, we know that what we do is often misunderstood. Popular television shows poke fun at our work, and flashy—or even tongue-in-cheek—billboards on the highway call our motives into question. But, at Dudley DeBosier, we like to think we change people’s minds about injury attorneys the best way we know how: one relationship at a time.

When you come to us for help, we know you’re dealing with one of the most stressful situations of your life. Whether you or a family member were injured, you may be facing financial uncertainty, time away from work, and in some cases, pain and suffering that may never fully heal.

We know what you’re going through, and you’re not just another case to us. Every case we handle is important, and every individual we help is facing a unique situation.

Our Success Depends on Your Results

Put simply, we work for you, not a major corporation. Because insurance companies are profit-driven businesses, they have an incentive to undervalue and deny claims. They aren’t always concerned with your best interests.

At Dudley DeBosier, we put our clients first. Our lawyers don’t get paid unless you do, and more importantly, we live and work in the same Louisiana communities as you. The highest form of flattery we can receive is a referral from neighbors like you after a job well done.

We’re not afraid to laugh at ourselves or the way we’re portrayed in the media. But if you’re ever facing a tough time after an injury that wasn’t your fault, we want you to know we’re here to help, even if you never thought you would hire an injury lawyer. And when you call, we’ll take the time to listen to your story and help you get the compensation you deserve for what you’ve been through.

We’re Always Here to Help

If you or a loved one needs help after a Louisiana accident or injury, contact our 24/7 team now, and let us do everything we can to change your mind about the work we do.

Teamwork and Good Sportsmanship

by Alyssa Perot-Heltz | June 16th, 2017

Omaha! Or is it Eaux-Maha? Either way it’s time to celebrate because LSU is playing in the College World Series. The LSU Tigers know that teamwork and good sportsmanship go hand-in-hand to promote unity and harmony amongst any team. And here at Dudley DeBosier, we know a thing or two about working together. Whether we are preparing for your trial or supporting our community, we pride ourselves on always working as a team to get the job done right. And just like our Fightin’ Tigers, we understand that good sportsmanship comes from the team players who are determined to give it 100 percent all the time. And whether it’s on the field or in a courtroom, your character and attitude are always on display. That is why at Dudley DeBosier, we always work as a team and practice good sportsmanship to win for our clients.

We congratulate our LSU Fightin’ Tigers on making it to Omaha for the 18th time! And win or lose this weekend, we are proud to be an Official Partner of LSU Athletics. And as always,


The Life Of A Single Mom

by Alyssa Perot-Heltz | June 7th, 2017

Being a single mom is no small feat. Raising a child alone is not only very financially straining, but also very emotionally fatiguing. As a single parent, often times, every need of your child falls on you. That means meals, discipline, school supplies, clothes, toys, transportation and any extra-curricular activities–not to mention, the house note, electricity, water and gas. For many single parents these things can begin to build-up, as you try to do your best for your child, while still managing to take care of yourself.

This is why The Life Of A Single Mom Ministries was founded by Jennifer Maggio in 2007. She experienced single parenting first hand and understood the struggles of going at it alone. She left the corporate world to create TLSM for single parents nationwide. Today, TLSM works to educate communities on the challenges of single parenting, as well as provide lone parents with resources and assistance.

With our help, TLSM can continue to help single parents and be a shoulder for them to lean on. At Dudley DeBosier, the month of June is dedicated to helping raise awareness for this noteworthy organization. Additionally, for every new like the Dudley DeBosier Facebook page receives in the month of June, we will donate a dollar to The Life Of A Single Mom Ministries, up to 500 dollars.

Like our Facebook page to show your support:

To learn more about The Life Of A Single Mom click here.

Careers vs. Jobs: Following Your Passion

by Camille Quebodeaux | February 1st, 2017

by Camille Quebodeaux | February 1, 2017

We are excited to begin the process of evaluating and choosing the winners for our 2016-2017 Dudley DeBosier scholarship contest. As this school year draws to a close, many students are faced with difficult decisions about their future. We want to give some perspective to all students who may not be sure what their next steps should be.

Honestly, what senior in high school, or even college, knows exactly what they want to do with the rest of their life? Yes, there are a lucky few that know they are destined to be a doctor, lawyer, teacher, or surgeon, but that is not the case for the majority of people. The choices to be made regarding a career path can be very confusing, overwhelming, and actually quite scary to some.

By definition, a job is an activity through which an individual can earn money; a regular activity in exchange for payment. A career is the pursuit of a lifelong ambition or the general course of progression (through jobs) toward lifelong goals. People pursuing careers are thinking about what they can do now to make those goals happen in the future.

The difference between a job and a career boils down to the individual’s attitude. An individual normally holds several jobs in their career, and often find themselves changing jobs in the same field of work that defines their career. Switching careers can be more difficult than simply switching jobs, and it may require you to restart at the bottom of the totem pole. Don’t worry, starting over is totally acceptable and okay, as long as you are happy. After all, you only have one life. While most people’s idea of success includes money, in our opinion, it is also about your personal happiness.

Everyone is different and that means there are many ways for individuals to find their happiness. Whether the right fit for you is a simple job or a lifelong career, do it with passion and to the best of your ability. Jobs often help people jumpstart their careers through experience, knowledge  and learning about what they like and dislike. Striving for a career eventually turns into positive steps because you are gaining more out of the work than just a paycheck. Whether you choose a job or a career, you want to do your best to develop the skills you have, really enjoy what you do, and care about how you spend your time each day.

Every job is part of your career.

Some employees spend 30 years in the same department at the same company, and to many, this is the traditional sense of a career. But this is not the only way to go about seeking a career. An individual can be a contractor, lawn care taker, office clerk, or a car salesman and even though these jobs are quite unrelated, they all combine to make a career.

Every job provides skills and resources for the future.

Even though you may absolutely hate your current job, continue to complete each task to the best of your ability because you never know what skills you will take away. It never hurts to ask questions when you are unsure of something. Jobs provide skills such as dealing with rejection and negative feed back, learning how to communicate with a huge variety of people, and often times shows how great of an impact a positive attitude and hard work have on a company.

Every job offers networking opportunities.

No one is 100 percent sure where life will take them, or what their future will consist of. You don’t know which co-workers or customers you will come in contact with later on, and you also don’t know what kind of connections and networking possibilities these people have. You never know, maybe that good impression you gave to the customer last week was a CEO who can open a huge door for you.

Always do your best.

No matter what field of work you’re in, doing the minimum rarely ever works out in your favor. Always do more than what is asked, whether or not you think your current job is in your future career path. You should treat most jobs as if they are important, because they are. Not only do jobs provide immediate income but, it’s very possible that they can lead to better things in the future.

If you approach your work with a positive attitude, a willingness to learn, and a spirit of excellence, you will set yourself so far apart from your peers that your employers will have no choice but to notice you. It NEVER hurts to do your BEST!

“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress; working hard for something we love is called passion”
– Simon Sinek

Dudley DeBosier Renovating New Office

by Alyssa Perot-Heltz | July 27th, 2016

Dudley DeBosier is excited to announce that we have purchased a new building in downtown Baton Rouge.  We are currently in the process of renovating this building to meet our needs, but look forward to moving in later in the year.  Chad Dudley, the managing partner of Dudley DeBosier, stated that “We are looking forward to get more space for our team.  It has been an exciting year of growth for us and this will help us accommodate that growth. We will keep the  building at 1075 Government, but use the extra space for additional team members.”  The new building is located at 320 Somerlous Street, right down the road from North Boulevard Town Square.

Dudley DeBosier Moving Shreveport Locations

by Alyssa Perot-Heltz | July 6th, 2016

Our Shreveport office is moving locations, but don’t worry – we’ll be right next door! We’d like to thank the Shreveport community for supporting us as we continue to grow. We value the opportunity you’ve given us to change the way people think about attorneys, one client at a time!

Our new Shreveport location will accommodate our growing firm and will allow us to offer greater service to you. Baton Rouge and New Orleans clients will still be able to receive the same great service at their current locations. Thanks again for your support of our firm and we look forward to seeing you at our new office!

New Address: 4300 Youree Drive, Suite 250, LA 71105