Hurricane Ida Damage Claim?

We’ll help you get the money you’re owed.

In August 2021, Hurricane Ida devastated Louisiana and other areas along the Gulf Coast. Damages are estimated to be as high as $45 billion in total, as countless homes and businesses in the storm’s path were either severely damaged or destroyed.

Experiencing such a powerful hurricane is a terrifying and traumatic event, but for many survivors, the storm itself was just the beginning of their troubles. Faced with enormous repair and rebuilding costs, they’re in desperate need of compensation from their insurers. And unfortunately, many will have their claims reduced or even denied—especially if they go it alone.

We Don’t Let Insurers Off the Hook When It’s Time to Pay.

You bought insurance for your home or business to protect it in case it was damaged in a storm just like Hurricane Ida. And now that it has been damaged, you expect to be taken care of by your insurer.

At Dudley DeBosier, we don’t let insurance companies profit off of disasters that their policies were supposed to cover. We build claims that they can’t ignore, and we use their own words, contracts, and fine print against them to get our clients every penny they deserve.

Dudley DeBosier has personal injury attorneys and maritime accident lawyers based in our offices in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Shreveport, and Lafayette who help offshore injury victims throughout Louisiana.

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