Louisiana Car Seat Laws

November 2nd, 2016

Car accidents are the leading cause of death among children under the age of twelve. We as parents, family, and friends want to make sure we are doing everything we can to protect our family. The best way to prevent injury and death is by placing your children in the proper child restraints. This can be challenging with all of the different information and options that are now available to us. Fortunately, the State of Louisiana has set forth laws that provide specific safety requirement guidelines.

We hope the following information about child car seat laws in Louisiana will help you better understand and choose the best restraint for your child. However, please note that while this is the law, these are only the minimum safety requirements. For our recommended car seat options, see our blog on tips for picking the best car seat for your child.

Car seat requirements by Louisiana law:

  • Birth to at least 1 year OR Less than 20 pounds – Rear-facing infant or convertible seat rear-facing.
  • 1 year old to 4 years old OR  20 to 40 pounds – Forward-facing in a convertible or combination seat (used with the internal harness).
  • 4 years old to 6 years old AND 40 to 60 pounds – Belt-positioning booster seat (backless or high-backed).
  • 6 years old AND more than 60 pounds – In the backseat using the vehicle lap-shoulder belt or belt-positioning booster seat.
  • Under 12 years old – Ride in the back seat of the car, if rear seats are available.

Failure to comply with these requirements can have harsh legal consequences as well. If you’re convicted of a child safety seat offense, you have the possibility of being ticketed and fined, with your fine amounts increasing for subsequent violations. Drivers that have been convicted of breaking a child safety seat law must provide the state with a Child Restraint Affidavit proving that they have acquired the appropriate child safety seat. Drivers have 30 days to submit the affidavit before the DPS will suspend said driver’s license until they have provided a notarized affidavit showing they obtained the appropriate child restraint.

If you have any questions regarding the correct safety seat for your child or about proper installation, visit one of the Louisiana Child Passenger Fitting Stations or the NHTSA Child Car Seat Inspection Stations. And always stay up to date or sign up for notifications about car seat recalls.

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