No doubt you’ve been coached to “drive defensively” by parents when getting your license, or by government and law enforcement campaigns stressing the importance of road safety. But what does it mean to drive defensively?

Defensive driving is a set of skills and strategies to help you avoid collisions.

Furthermore, practicing defensive driving isn’t only a smart thing to do, it can also help you legally and financially.

Unlike many states, Louisiana doesn’t have a point system attached to driving tickets, but that doesn’t mean moving violations aren’t added to your driving record. Racking up too many violations on your driving record  can affect your credit score, car insurance rates, and can even get your license suspended. However, you may be able to get violations removed from your driving record by taking a defensive driving course.

While our defensive driving quiz won’t get a ticket wiped off your driving record, it can give you a better idea of what are considered appropriate actions to take in a variety of situations to keep yourself and other drivers safe.


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Were you surprised by any questions on the quiz? Regardless of whether you aced it or didn’t do as well as you hoped, it never hurts to refresh your knowledge of defensive driving tactics. The Louisiana Driver’s Guide is an excellent resource for improving your driving ability and reducing your risks of being involved in an accident.

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