St. Patrick’s Day is synonymous with green clothing, shamrocks, and yes—alcoholic beverages.

For many people throughout Louisiana, the holiday is an ideal day to spend time with friends and families in bars, pubs, taverns, and restaurants while enjoying a few drinks. But the increased alcohol consumption among revelers on St. Patrick’s Day means that there’s a corresponding increase in the risk of accidents.

If you’re planning on joining in on the festivities during the upcoming holiday weekend, keeping the following tips in mind can help you and your loved ones stay safe:

  • Don’t drive while impaired—Getting behind the wheel while intoxicated is one of the most dangerous decisions you can make, holiday weekend or not. If you plan on drinking before leaving home or while you’re out, appoint a designated driver, utilize a ridesharing app, or call a cab.
  • Watch where you’re walking—Got plans to pub crawl? It’s a popular activity on St. Patrick’s Day, but pedestrians face numerous risks—especially when other drivers may be intoxicated. Sidewalks and crosswalks are the safest place to be when traveling on foot, and be sure to avoid distractions in order to remain alert and cautious.
  • Drink responsibly—Alcohol not only affects judgment and decision-making, it can also pose threats to your immediate health. Limiting the number of drinks you consume, eating before you go out, and drinking plenty of water can reduce your risks of being involved in an accident and experiencing a rough morning the next day.

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