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Finding a suitable parking spot for your motorcycle in Baton Rouge can be challenging. The city’s limited designated motorcycle parking areas and the lack of available spaces can frustrate riders seeking secure and convenient spots. When looking for a spot to park your ride, you may wonder if the sidewalk is a viable option. Parking on the sidewalk can obstruct pedestrian pathways and violate local ordinances, making it a less-than-ideal location to park your motorcycle. Our Baton Rouge motorcycle accident lawyers are always available to consult and help you understand parking regulations to keep your bike and pedestrians safe. Read further to learn more.

Under the Baton Rouge Code of Ordinances Section 11:415, stopping or parking on a public sidewalk is illegal. In addition to prohibiting any driver from parking their vehicle on the sidewalk, the regulation makes it unlawful to park:

  • Within 15 feet of a fire hydrant
  • Within 25 feet of a crosswalk or curb line at an intersection
  • Within 30 feet of a stop sign, flashing beacon, or traffic signal on the side of a roadway
  • On a crosswalk
  • Opposite or alongside any obstruction or street excavation when stopping or parking obstructs traffic

Section 11:416 prohibits parking vehicles, including motorcycles, in grassy areas between roads, public pathways, sidewalks, and spaces between properties on the edge of the road.

The only time you can park on the sidewalk is if you are forced to by traffic conditions, such as an accident, or if you are complying with law enforcement directives.

Where Should You Park Your Motorcycle?

Knowing where to park your motorcycle in Baton Rouge can help you comply with local laws. This not only keeps the walkways open to pedestrians or bicyclists, but it also protects your rights if your motorcycle is damaged by another vehicle.

When driving in the city, look for parking in the following areas:

  • Designated motorcycle parking areas: These areas are specifically designated for motorcycle parking. You can use a parking app like ParkMobile or Google Maps to search for these lots near your designation in Baton Rouge.
  • Street parking: Street parking is one of the most available options in Baton Rouge. It allows you to conveniently find a spot while following local regulations. Spots are typically available along public roads and streets in downtown areas of the city.
  • Public lots and garages: Use public lots and garages in Baton Rouge for motorcycle parking. These spaces are often marked or allocated for motorcycles, providing a secure and organized parking solution that complies with parking facility rules.
  • Motorcycle-friendly establishments: While exploring Baton Rouge, consider establishments like restaurants, cafes, and entertainment venues that offer dedicated parking spaces for motorcycles.

Tips for Safe Parking in Baton Rouge

Parking your bike safely prevents theft or damage. Take the following steps to choose a safe location to park your motorcycle in Baton Rouge:

  • Well-lit areas: Look for well-lit streets, especially at night. Illuminated areas deter theft and allow you to avoid pedestrians or structures when parking or reversing.
  • High foot traffic: Choose streets with high pedestrian activity. Theft is less likely to occur in areas with frequent passersby.
  • Visible location: Opt for spots where your motorcycle is visible from nearby establishments or busy intersections, reducing the chances of tampering.
  • Security cameras: Park near buildings or intersections with security cameras. Cameras can discourage theft and provide evidence if an incident occurs.
  • Official parking zones: Look for designated motorcycle parking zones or areas marked by the local authorities. These spots are often monitored and safer.
  • Use a cover and lock: Use a motorcycle cover to deter potential thieves and secure your motorcycle with a high-quality lock.
  • Be cautious of blind spots: Avoid parking in areas where larger vehicles might obstruct the view of your motorcycle, making it easier for thieves to work unnoticed.
  • Regular check-ins: If you need to leave your motorcycle for an extended period, check on it occasionally to ensure it’s safe and secure.

If You’re Injured, Contact an Attorney

Riding a motorcycle is a thrilling experience, but accidents can happen. If you’re injured in a collision due to another’s negligence, our Baton Rouge motorcycle accident lawyers at Dudley DeBosier can review your legal options and help you take the next steps.

We understand the unique challenges that motorcycle riders face. We protect your rights and provide skilled legal representation for your case. Contact our attorneys for a free consultation to discuss your accident and start a claim.

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