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Lindsey Moreau

I hired Dudley DeBosier after being involved in an automobile accident. I had never hired an attorney, nor made a personal injury claim before. My attorney, Steven DeBosier, and his assistant, Roseanne, have done an awesome job explaining the process to me and making me feel comfortable whenever I feel anxious about the case. Mr. DeBosier is honest, trustworthy and caring.

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Mary Rousseau

I was treated like a family member. Amber Day and Donna Elliott are the greatest and even though my case has finished i am still in contact and send her client's whenever i can. Absolutely love this firm for their honesty above all else. Thanks Dudley Debosier.

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Trey Carpenter

I can not thank Dudley DeBosier Injury Lawyers enough. When I got into an automobile accident they took me in as if I were family. My attorney James and his assistant Rachel fought tooth and nail for justice in my case. I have and will recommend them to all. It was a long hard battle and I am beyond grateful for them.

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Melanie Kelsey

Dudley and DeBosier is amazing! They help you when you need it most by taking a stressful event in your life and helping you understand how to get through it and improve your health. They are extremely kind and attentive. Not only are they the best at their job, they are just a breath of fresh air to speak with. Steven DeBosier clearly does this because he loves people - he wants people to get the care they need. Cindy D'Aubin is also excellent. She is extremely organized and speaking with her puts you at ease.

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Shantell Simon

Great experience, great people, friendly atmosphere.

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Carmel LeBlanc

They handled the case very well and timely. I would definitely recommend them.

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Ryann Pinkerton

I was hesitant to hire a lawyer after my wreck because I didn't want it to cost me any time or money, but someone recommended this office to me and I couldn't be happier with my decision. I know this sounds like one of those cheasy commericals, but Jeff and Leontyne were absolutely phenomenal to deal with. I always got a response to any questions within one business day (actually within the hour usually), they were great about setting me up to see the necessary physicians for my injuries, and were wonderful about working around my schedule and making everything convenient for me. I didn't have health insurance and was really worried about healing properly so hiring this team was the best thing I could have done. They informed me of all of my options and helped me every step of the way. I give them credit for me being healed and back to normal so quickly. I thought I could do it all on my own, but Jeff and Leontyne did a MUCH better job than I could have ever done.

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Dominique Williams-Anderson

I was afraid in the beginning.With my pain levels I had to do something,so I called Dudley Debosier. Never have I held trust for anyone equivalent to my trust for my husband. However, that changed the day I met Mr. James Peltier Jr. A very wise, down to earth and dedicated attorney;who went so hard to assure I got nothing less than I deserved in this case. He has a great judgement of character which, is obvious once you meet his Paralegal, Mrs. Rachel Leblanc! She is AMAZ! I am woman of very few words, I wasn't interested into deep "attorney talk"! Mrs. Rachel made it so much easier for me to understand. There was never a phone call not answer nor not returned. I didn't have to wonder about the status of my case or any dates and deadlines. Mrs. Rachel remained in contact with me the entire time through. She was so caring and dedicated to her job. She truly made us feel like family. I guess you can say "BEHIND EVERY GREAT ATTORNEY, IS AN EVEN BETTER PARALEGAL!" This firm is a family that works together to make it as easy for their clientas possible. Special thanks to the "DREAM TEAM" (Matt Terrell, Winn & Lowell). You guys are amazing! 3 years of non stop hard work, dedication, hours away from you family, and determination! I will forever be greatful. So glad that I was able to show my son thay their are still some genuine people in the world. All praises to the most high for the blessing of humbleness.

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Shane Adkins

Compassion, courtesy and understanding from the entire staff. Thank you for the hand of professionalism you guys extended me during the duration of my case. You are recommended.

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Brittany Sanford

Dudley and Debosier represented me and I felt like family my attorney and her assistant stayed in contact, they took great care of me. If I ever need anything legally I will choose Dudley & Debosier.

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Christopher Martin

Very helpful staff. Very informative on which route to take on seeking a settlement. Lawyer was great about returning phone calls and calling with updates on my case. Also I was given helpful information on making decisions to determine which path I wanted to take with my case. All in all the people at Dudley Debosier were outstanding in my opinion and I would refer anyone.

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Janene Lewis

It was awesome from the first call, they immediately sent someone out to check on me being that I was still recovering. Every one treated me as if they were going through my recovery as well. God forbid I would ever need an injury lawyer or my family members as well in the future, there's no doubt I would call 444-4444!

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Allison Durdin

Professional and outstanding service! I couldn't have been more pleased with the way I was treated as a client. I honestly felt like they treated me as family. Thank you, to my awesome attorney and his assistant for their organization, professionalism and their positive attitudes serving me.

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Casey M

Wonderful experience. They use the best doctors and explain everything to you. Timely responses to questions. Ask for Lindsay!

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Seth Babin

Chad made me cry on the phone. He's so awesome with his words and so caring. He's a caring person to the point where I felt like I was the only client and knew me forever. He's so sweet and treated me like family and friends. He always asked how I was doing. I recommend Dudley DeBosier to everyone I can. Excellent overall experience. Very warm environment. Chad and the team were just awesome and they all cared. Receptionists were always kind.

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Shawanna Stewart

My experience with Dudley DeBossier lawyers was awesome. First off, it's a very friendly and family oriented environment. When I met Amber and Paul (my lawyers), they discussed everything about my case. They were straight- forward and honest about the process and trial. I was not kept in the dark about anything. I would receive emails from Amber and Donna just to say Hi or check on our well- being. It wasn't " just about a case", they were genuinely concerned and had my back. During my my trial prep, I did meet Steve and let me tell you, he is a hilarious person. He also, made me feel more comfortable with the trial prep. The trial went by smoothly. Paul and Amber were on point. Amber's closing argument... Wow, I could've jumped out my chair and applauded. . It was just that moving. In a courtroom you have to control your It shocked me to see Steve, James and his family's support. I really appreciated it. Amber, Donna, Paul and the members of the trial team are a group of special people. Now, that everything is settled, I will miss them all. We have cried and bonded together. I do consider them a part of my family. I love you all and thank you for everything!!!! May God continue to bless all of you!!! I recommend Dudley and DeBossier to any and everyone!! You won't find a better group of people!!!

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