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Random Acts of Kindness Project

No act of kindness is too small to make a difference. That’s why Dudley DeBosier is encouraging people to brighten someone’s day with our Random Acts of Kindness Project (RAOK). Our firm is distributing Kindness Cards around the city. When you receive a Kindness Card, visit the Share Your Story page to tell us how you received your card, and then pass it on! Share your story as you join us in spreading generosity and compassion across the world.

An act of kindness is the initial spark,
but what really fans the flame is sharing your story so that others are encouraged to join the movement. Use the form below to tell us how you received your Kindness Card and add your story to the Random Acts of Kindness Project.

Then, pay it forward with your own Random Act of Kindness and pass your Kindness Card on to someone else. Thank you for taking the time to spread a little kindness and make this world a better place!

How Does It Work?
You can track the history and impact of your story with a Kindness Card. Here’s how you do it:

1. Enter the number on your Kindness Card on the Share Your Story page.
2. Share the story of how you received your card.
3. Pass it on! Leave your Kindness Card for someone new.

Read the stories of previous participants to see where your card has been and the Random Acts of Kindness it inspired. Don’t have a card? You don’t have to wait around to get one—pick some up for free at our office and commit as many acts of kindness as you like.

What Can You Do?
Simple or extravagant, your kindness makes a difference. Here are some ideas for your RAOK:
  • Pay for someone’s coffee next time you’re at a coffee shop.
  • Surprise someone at the gas station with a gas card when they pull up to the pump.
  • Leave someone a note with a compliment.
  • Leave an envelope of quarters at a laundromat or near a vending machine.
  • Open a door for someone.
  • Help someone load groceries into their car.
  • Buy someone lunch.
  • Give a stranger flowers.
  • Rake someone’s leaves.
  • Bake goodies for your local fire or police department.
The Dudley DeBosier team is excited to watch your kindness spread across the world. We thank you for your participation and for your genuine care for the people around you. Grab your Kindness Cards and get to it!

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